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How do you know if a school is pre pro?

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We are looking to change dance schools in the fall.


DD has thrived at what we are finally realizing is a rec school. ( A bit slow on the uptake ;-/)

She's gone as far as she can where she is.


How do we know if a school is pre pro or not?

Will the directors be forthcoming if we ask?



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Natsmom, have you looked at our forum on Residence and Pre Pro Schools? My guess is that there might be some in your area. Is there a professional company in your area? That would be the first place to start looking, or, if you not close enough, even asking them if they know any schools that are more in your area. Also, check out our topics on pre-pro training to get a good idea of what to look for. There are guidelines for the kind of programs and schedule that teen pre pro students should have.


Once you have a list of schools that would be possible for you, then visit them. Preferably have her take a class there. You need to see the school, meet the director and some of the faculty, look at the students and the atmosphere in the school, ask if their students regularly attend well known SI programs and get into top college programs, or of course if any dance professionally.

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Thank you Victoria, I did run into more on this topic in other areas here and am gaining wealth of info to consider.

Thanks again for your response. ;-)

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