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Need Advice for Boy Going on Pointe for Character Piece


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Hi there! My son is going to be doing some pointe work in an upcoming performance--think Ugly Stepsister type role. I think he was a little bit excited until we went to buy his pointe shoes yesterday. After about 5 seconds, he thought he might die. The problem is he has nice BIG feet...Size 12.5 men's. They are narrow though. So, I am at a bit of a loss. I don't want to spend a fortune, want him to be as comfortable as possible, not injure himself, and I don't want to hear any whining after the fact. Best, we can tell from the sizing charts he is at the top of the size chain for all brands with the exception of Bloch (but those seem to be custom-orders)... This is completely uncharted territory for ALL of us (teacher included), so I need recommendations for brands, does he need to do all of the stuff that women do, i.e. silicone sleeves for his toes, etc. Even finding toe pads in this size is difficult...We are fortunate that the pointe shoe shop had a variety of shoes in the biggest sizes so he is in Freed's. Do we need to Jet Glue, etc?


In a nutshell, any advice you have to offer is MOST welcome. Including, exercises after rehearsal, etc. My daughter has been on pointe for 4 years, but, she actually wants to look pretty... :dizzy:


I did do a search before I posted...didn't seem to find anything along these lines. I did see a few on men and pointe work for developing technique, etc; but, nothing about just surviving it.


Thank you!

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LoveMyJob, how far off is this performance? My main concern here is that dancing in pointe shoes without being trained is very dangerous. Character/Comedy roles even more so. One has to be technically very strong on pointe to do the things they do in comedy roles where they are supposed to look awkward! I hope they are not expecting him to just put on pointe shoes and do this role without a LOT of pointe training. :ermm:

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Thank you, Miss Leigh, I will be wary and watch as closely as I can without being "one of THOSE parents". However, the teacher and choreographer in question are both internationally known and have very fine professional credentials and I feel would NEVER do something to jeopardize my son's well-being nor their professional reputations. His teacher is a bit trepidacious as well, I am sure and has a strong enough relationship with the choreographer that he would not hesitate to "pull the plug" if he felt it was in the best interest of the student.


Additionally, I trust my son. He has been doing this for quite a while and is remarkably in tune with his instrument. On another dance topic today, he informed me that he sees no need to jeopardize his body by getting caught up in a studio game of one-upmanship in order to curry favor with his teacher who already knows what he is capable of. And that he trusts his teachers to do what is best and not be swayed by such silliness. I was rather impressed with this mindset and wished that he could give a chat to all of the "dance moms" out there.


That being said, I used improper phrasing as he will not be dancing en pointe but in pointe shoes (de-shanked) ...my concern still is that they are somewhat comfortable so I don't have to listen to him whine (he may be mature, but he's not a saint, after all)...Pre-pointe shoes would have been great but they don't seem to be made in a Men's size 12.5.


Even though he won't be going all of the way up, I am sure that there are things that will help him in this experiment. Any thoughts?

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No, but I'm just glad to hear that he won't be actually dancing on pointe, and also that he has such a fine teacher and choreographer! Deshanked is good. :)

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