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Career Search: Job Hunting Tax Deductions?


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Does anyone happen to know if all the expenses associated with auditioning for a company job can be used as a write off on the dancer's or parent's taxes? I'm thinking about flights, hotels etc...

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Tax code is a very tricky thing; I think it would be best to consult your accountant for what is/isn't tax deductible for your family.


From my very limited knowledge of the tax code, since your dancer is not currently employed as a professional dancer, it would be hard to consider the traveling expenses as part of their job.... Whereas if I wanted to go to a seminar on teaching dancers age 10 - 18, I could say that the cost of the seminar + hotel + flight were all part of my business expenses (being a ballet teacher) and would thus be tax deductible.


Again, I recommend finding an accountant to be sure.

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I think it will be highly unlikely a parent could deduct the expenses because one of the requirements is that the deductions can't be used for first jobs. You have to already have been employed in the field looking for an equal or better position. And, if the dancer has already been working, they have probably earned enough money to no longer be a dependent. (This may be different if a dancer was laid off/fired and without employment living with parents who are supporting them for more than 6 months - ask your accountant.) The dancer, if currently or formerly employed as a dancer, might be able to deduct audition expenses if itemizing deductions.

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