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which studio?


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I live in a small town so there aren't any major ballet schools. I do wish to be a professional in the future so, naturally I want the best training possible.My parents are not open to the idea of me moving away just yet no matter how much I try to persuade them otherwise. But now that I have given you some background information. I would like you to based off of the information provided help make the decision easier. I will just label the two studios current and other.


Current-My teachers are pretty great(abt certification,university training), however I feel like I have improved as much as I can do there with the lack of dancing.The facilities are not bad however the studios are all very small.(sprung, marley floors, high ceilings,always clean and tightly) It doesn't have a lot of room to dance which is a negative. There is not enough dancing.That is my biggest issue is that I need more training. As well as no male teachers: is this necessary?


Other- They do have one male teacher who has very qualified training from programs such as School of American Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, North Carolina School of Arts etc. He was also a former professional ballet dancer.The facilties are in poor condition(not very clean studios,no sprung flooring however they are slightly bigger I do believe). Another teacher (female) trained at Boston Ballet School and was a former professional ballet dancer. other teachers at the school however are not very qualified.however I believe the two teachers above are the ones who teach the pre professional program. A huge plus would be the amount of dancing. They have a program with the local high school where the dancers in the pre professional program get out at noon so they can go to ballet in both the afternoon and evenings.


Thank you for reading I know it's long!

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Please excuse my grammar mistakes!

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Dancingeverywhere, I can excuse grammatical mistakes to a certain extent, however, I cannot excuse lack of capitalizaton for proper names, like schools. Your post is very hard to read because of the lack of clear sentences when you start a new one without a capital letter.. I'm going to assume that you are talking about facilities, like the studios themselves, when you say faculities.


In terms of our trying to help you with studio decisions, we need more information. Your age, your gender, how many classes a week you have at your current school and would have at the other school, and anything else you can tell us about both places. You speak about male teachers, so I am wondering if you are a male dancer, which is why the request for gender information. You may have mentioned these thing before, but we have a lot of students here, including a lot of newer students, and I cannot remember the information previously given, if it was given. Please remind us.

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I am a fifteen year old male dancer. Teachers at both places have certifications in Pilates and yoga.I take open classes at larger ballet schools when I go out of town a lot,and they say good things about my technique and ask about my training. One other thing I am concerned about is my current school will be participating in YAGP on an annual basis. So, my question about this is can I compete independently in that if I switched to the other studio?


Current schedule-Monday- An hour and a half technique class, an hour and a half rehearsal.

Tuesday- An hour and a half technique class, an hour of a jazz class.

Thursday-An hour technique class, an hour modern class,an hour and a half

Technique class.

Saturday-A two hour technique private lesson, an hour of Pilates apparatus.


Other schedule- Monday- An hour and a half technique,strength and stretch, another hour and

a half technique.

Tuesday- An hour and a half techinque, an hour modern,another hour and a half


Wednesday-An hour and a half technique,another hour and a half technique,

An hour and a half mens class/variations private coaching.

Thursday- An hour and a half technique class, an hour jazz class.

Friday- An hour technique class.

Sunday- An hour technique warm up class, rehearsals.

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Thank you for all the information, dancingeverywhere. That helps a lot. Here is the problem: The 'other' school offers way more training, and has a male teacher, which is a plus. BUT, no sprung floors??? This is a huge problem, as it is potentially dangerous. It is true that your current school does not have enough training, but the other school, which has a whole lot more, invites problems by doing too much on improper flooring. Is there any other alternative anywhere that you can get to?

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I'm afraid not Victoria Leigh. However I did find out that one of the only two studios that they have does have a sprung floor. They seem to use it for the majority of the classes. I heard they use it for all the upper level ballet classes and most of other classes.

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Okay, then that might be a viable option for you.

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