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We always post serious subjects on this forum, here is one that is not so serious and very true...


It’s been a long week of regular classes and Coppelia rehearsals so that by the time Saturday rehearsals came around a lot of the dancers were more than a little tired and getting careless, me included.


The start of the third act is when the Duke appears and walks across the stage acknowledging the bows from the towns people. Music starts and no Duke, little hand tugs on my sleeve “Aren’t you the Duke” she asks “I am” I reply then turn back to watch the activity on stage. Moment later another tug on my sleeve from the same little hand “Aren’t you supposed to be on stage?” It then hits me I am not paying any attention and am late which forces a restart of ACT III. :blushing:


After the act finished a very embarrassed me walked over the owner of that little hand and thanked her for reminding me of my cue and apologized for ignoring her prompt.

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Next time- GO!!!!! :lol:

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