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Washed tutu unsaveble?


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I've searched for it but couldn't find the answer I was looking for


I have a performance in june, dancing the little white swans but we have no white tutu's

My teacher can borrow white tutu's from an other dance school

But the big problem now is that they have been washed in a washing machine

They're made by someone, just 4 layers on a elastic

I haven't seen them jet

But they are seemingly the droopiest, soft things


I know real tutu's are being steamed at some point in constructing them

I have a stemming thing at school I can use

But it it even possible to steam them so that they become classical straight (as possible for four layers tule)?

Do they have to be treated with some sort of textile hardening?

Are they even savable after being washed?



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A classical 'tutu' built as four layers on an elastic is not a performance tutu. It is a play tutu (toy). Sorry, but it is true.


Yes, tutus are steamed during the building process----to aid in creating the shape desired and to 'marry' the layers together. However, tutu net has sizing; this is what gives the net the desired stiffness, which along with the volume of net used and number/configuration of layers, is what gives the tutu the durability to create the desired shape. If the net is oversteamed or washed, you lose the sizing. The only way to regain it is to re-starch it---which really is only a very short-term and temporary fix.


If these 4-layer skirts have already reached the "droopiest" stage, they may very well be unsalvageable as a classically shaped skirt. You would need to starch them very well (either by spray or by old-fashion means, which can be a bit messy), then carefully and very lightly steam them to shape, tack them properly to aid in shaping, and it would probably require adding a hoop. It might be more work than you care to invest for a less than satisfactory result.


You might consider accepting the shape of the tutus as a relaxed 'bell' and going with that . . . .


Wait, you have said "four layers tule'". Are you talking about a Romantic skirt? Those ARE often made of four layers of soft tulle (think bridal veil). They can be steamed to perk them up a bit and shape them, but no, they cannot be steamed into the classical tutu shape.

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Also, a classical platter type tutu usually has graduated levels. Longest length on top down to shortest ruffles on the bottom blending in with the tight frills on the "panty" structure. Even a practice tutu for rehearsal and studio use would have 6-9 layers... A performance one 10+. :/ it will be hard to salvage that sort of flimsy bando construction. Maybe add a very, very lightweight wire hoop?

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The're probbilbly not usable anymore

I haven't seen them but the're everything but professional, good looking tutu's

It's probably easier to make them again

A mother made them so I fear for the worst how they look haha o that's bad

It's a shame we don't have budget, baying real classical tutu's would be the best

And maybe the relaxed 'bell' shape is pretty

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I've seen productions of 'Swan Lake' where the swans are wearing soft tutus. Ypu could go with soft romantic style tutus, or some productions use soft tutus which have been cut into ragged edges, to give a very soft feathery look.

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