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I am going to be taking part in a performance for which I will be wearing a Sansha rehearsal tutu with 7 to 9 layers. I already own one and in storage it got a little rumpled.

It's still very stiff so I was wondering if I can have it steamed to get the creases out?

It's already been tacked by the way.

Also... this will be worn with a leotard and I'm confused as it how this works with tights, the leotard panty and the tutu panty!? Isn't that a lot of bottom coverage and won't it be thick and ungainly and perhaps tight? And perhaps even show? Luckily they are both black.

Is this normal to wear a leotard WITH a tutu that has a panty?

Thanks for any advice or thoughts :)

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A practice tutu is actually meant to slip on over a leotard, so yep! Quite the norm. That's why they're usually just meant for practice and not for performance.

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Suggest that you cut out the tacks and resteam the tutu then tack it again. Yes this will take probably four hours but you will be happy with the tutu when you are done.

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Thanks SWA but I have NO idea how to do that :( I am such a non sewing person. I had someone tack and steam it for me when I bought it.

You don't think that steaming will be enough? It's not incredibly crumpled.. just a little creased.


Thanks LaFille, I tried it on with a regular leotard (not a short unitard which I usually wear) and I think it will be fine.

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Try laying it under your mattress between the bi spring and mattress. Make sure it is completely flat. Sometimes that helps

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In my opinion, I would check to see how transparent the tutu's panty is and how much coverage it provides. Since yours is black, I guess it would be safe to wear the tutu without the leotard as the tutu's panty should provide the adequate coverage needed.

Also, if you absolutely have to wear a leotard, you could probably find one with a crotch that snaps apart. (Just make sure it's a leotard from a dance shop and not a costume shop. Most leotards from costume shops are for show only, and not designed for actual hardcore dancing. Plus, I don't think they breath as well as the dance leotards.)

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I believe in this case that she is wearing a rehearsal tutu, which means it was made to be worn over a leotard. It does not have a bodice, so not wearing a leotard is not an option.

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