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Pain in front of ankle and achilles


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Recently, I've been noticing that my left foot is having a hard time pointing, and flexing in plie. It feels like it's really stiff inside the ankle.


I have really tight calf/achilles, but when I do the typical calf stretch lunge, the front of my ankle feels like its being crunched, and I'm barely getting a stretch in my calf. The little tiny bones in the front of my ankle really hurt when I do any type of plie (especially on one leg). But then, when I go up on point, my achilles feels like it's being crunched or maybe even like theres some ankle impingement back there.


Personally, I don't want to believe this is an injury, but just room for strengthening. I think maybe if I can get my ankle stronger, I will stop having these problems. I just need to know what to do. I've been doing theraband, releves, and rolling out my arches and calves, but it's not really doing anything.


Oh, and my left ankle pops/cracks a lot, and it's impossible to get my right foot to do so. When I go from point to flex, and resist a little, that's when it cracks.


Does anyone else have the crunching feeling in the front of their ankles in plie?

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obsccb, I think it is time for you to consider that there is an injury here. Please make an appointment with an orthopedic physician. We talked about your other injury problems before, but never heard any follow up from you after Clara 76 asked for some photos. This could also be connected to the problems you were having before, in terms of the pronation.


I'm going to close this topic, because it involves medical advice, and we are not physicians. But after you have seen the doctor, and perhaps had some physical therapy prescribed, do let us know with a new topic.

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