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Sleeping Beauty Roles?


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So I my studio is doing a production of Sleeping Beauty this summer. I was wondering what parts there are? Are there any parts for beginning pointe dancers? Or fun parts not on pointe? Thank you!

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Livvydancexo, are they doing the whole ballet, or just 3rd Act, which is the one with all many variations? The best thing for you to do is to watch the ballet! Go to Youtube, and look for Sleeping Beauty with a professional company, such as Royal Ballet, Maryinsky Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, ABT, Houston Ballet. There may be others, but these are most likely to have the full production. (ABT's is a brand new production, so it is probably not on Youtube yet!) A lot of companies only do Act III, which is "Aurora's Wedding".

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They are doing all three acts. I watched some, but I didn't see any children in the ballet.

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Depending on the company/studio, you can create roles for any age and level. We invented a bunch of little mice for Cinderella in the third act, and took on of the gem variations away to use the music for little bo peep and some pre-ballet sheep. Our corps was divided in to three groups most of the time, with the advanced group en pointe, and the groups worked both in unison and individually. It depends on the vision your director has for the ballet. But if you think your production will be ultra traditional, just watch a ton of videos.

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It depends upon the choreographer. Who is choreographing your version, livvydancexo?

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