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Costume suggestions....

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Our little evening classes 'show' at the ballet school is coming up, and usually, the advanced ballet class wear black leo, black tights and black sparkly wrap-round skirts. This time, however, the beginners class are wearing the pretty skirts, and one of our number is about 5 months pregnant and has therefore asked if we can wear something a bit more 'floaty.'


As a, ahem, less than willowy dancer myself, (about as far away from the blanchine aesthetic as it is possible to be.....) I am completely and totally in favour of this! The problem is what to wear....


We looked at some of the floaty sheer dresses which go over a leotard, but they only go up to an adult 'small' size - which isn't really terribly useful. Also, floaty dresses, if they don't have much 'give' in the material, and are not built to accomodate anything 'up top' - so to speak - can end up looking awful, if they are too tight and bunching around the bust, then floaty at the bottom!


There aren't any men in the piece this time around, so we need somthing which can look reasonably uniform on about 16 women of varying shapes and sizes, can be sourced in the UK, and doesn't cost the earth!


So not asking much really..... :whistling:


Do any fellow adults have any suggestions?!

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Well, I am not an adult student, but I do work with many adults and teens of all shapes and sizes; so I hope it is all right that I comment. (mods please delete if this is not legit!)


Over the years I have come to the conclusion that costumes need not all be "the same" in order to look reasonably "uniform"; especially when the dancers are not "uniform".


What I now mostly do is to have everyone have the same colours/shades/tones. Also, if possible, something (a scarf, for example) which is identical for each of them.


That said, you could also buy some chiffon (not too expensive) and cut into 50cm x 50cm (or less) squares and have the people either drape them as they please or make slightly "off-one-shoulder dresses". (by sewing a few corners together)

This looks nice, one can pick out a wide variety of colours, the dancers can wear leotards and tights underneath which have the support the dancers feel comfortable with... and it doesn't involve hours of sewing.


Just some thoughts. :)



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