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Hi all,


I was wondering if there were any costume sites that you would order costumes from for solos/recitals. Since my DD is only 8, I'm not wanting a super custom piece but I know she would prefer the platter style tutu. We ordered her last one from Weismanns and since it was a romantic length, it was okay for tulle.


I'm a bit early as I won't be ordering anything until the Fall, but I want to bookmark good costume sites.


Thank you in advance



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There is a list in the pro shop if you like.


I'm starting the journey to learn to make costumes later this summer.


There are the recital costume places but you probably get what you pay for.


I did come across a thread on BT4D that was discussing rehearsal tutus and recommended Conservatory tutus.




As someone involved in making costumes I thought this place was in interesting option. Plain tutus and bodices in a variety of colors. This could give you a price option between recital stuff and custom. Less than $200 for a bodice and tutu. You'd have to get it decorated. I had recently told some friends about this option for YAGP costumes. Find a place with embellishments you can add on.


If you want more than that look on the costumes list in the pro shop.


I've purchased from Tutuetoile and was very pleased.

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