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Residential Schools with Focus on Classical Ballet

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I am putting this here to get a good cross section of responses but perhaps it should be in the PrePro/Residential section.


I am looking for ballet focused residential schools in the US. The list of residential schools on BT4D is quite long but most do not have a focus on ballet, more arts in general.


DD wants to go from high school/ballet school into a company. We are an entrepreneurial family and my guess is that when her season of dance is over, for whatever reason, she will probably start a business of her own rather than go to college to get a degree and get a job. Of course college offers wonderful opportunities, but personally I do not see it as the only way to a successful future..we are just outside of the box thinkers here :-)


My point is that while being educated is important, we are not looking for a college prep type program, we are looking for a strong ballet program that lands dancers in companies.


My short list at this point is:

Kirov Academy

Houston Ballet Academy

San Francisco


Gelsey Kirkland


Any others whose primary focus is classical ballet? I am trying to gather a list so that I can do more reading in the PrePro/Res. section. I am working on a list of where DD should consider auditioning for SI's next year.


Edited to add I am really wanting to create a list of places with dorms, supervision and a cafeteria!

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Creating a list is fine, however, let's please remember to place any discussions of a particular program on its dedicated thread. :thumbsup:


Noodles, the programs are in the dedicated forum actually are programs that have a classical ballet focus. That was the purpose of creating the dedicated Forum. Yes, some of the schools do include students of other arts disciplines (e.g., Nutmeg, Interlochen, NCSA). It is a matter of you determining which ones fit your circumstances. I believe you find this list grow as training programs with host or find-your-own housing/academics get added and you'll end up back at the current list in the residential forum.



Miami City

Boston Ballet



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Yes, I am looking to narrow this list of which schools to investigate further. Will take questions on specific schools to the appropriate page!


Thanks for adding to my reading list :-)

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Here are the ones that we visited and are/were on our short list for our 14 year old on the East Coast (I don't know much about the West Coast):


UNCSA - residential school with dorms and traditional school, high school and college - all arts

Kirov - residential school with dorms and traditional school, classical ballet focus

Nutmeg - residential school with dorms and supervised online school, classical ballet focus with some contemporary, etc.

Harid - residential school with dorms and supervised online school, classical ballet focus with some contemporary, etc.

CPYB - classical ballet only - you find you own host family/schooling option

Houston Ballet - classical ballet with some housing available in house and nearby, study halls for online.


Other to explore:


Boston Ballet - they just affiiiated with International Guest House nearby and two local private schools

Walnut Hill - dorms

The Rock - dorms

Pittsburgh - dorms nearby

Ellison - residence building across the street

Miami City - residences nearby

SAB - onsite dorms

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Dancemaven - I was just at Nutmeg last week and I didn't see anyone but ballet dancers.

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Another for the list:


Even with the change in Director, Next Generation Ballet still has a slate of amazing teachers and staff.


The residential part is similar to CPYB (host families), though they do partner with several schools for academics.


Rock is also a residential school with a focus on classical ballet and has academics and dormitory residence.

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I believe we might need to define true residency programs versus pre-professional environments where if you can find someone to stay with, you are living and attending classes at that school. A true residency will have an academic program attached to it's ballet program. Housing that is set for all it's attendees unless they choose to stay off site and care of the students is included as a charge for the program via RA's or House Moms. This is very different from a company school who may allow out of towners to come to their school as long as they can find housing and do online schooling. That would be attending a company school for finishing and not necessarily a "residency" program. Yes, some company schools do have an apartment or two, or encourage host families. But that does not make them a true residency program.


It is a very different discussion to be looking at residency programs for a child to do 4 years of high school and finding a finishing program while you complete your education.

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Yes exactly! I am looking for ballet focused programs with a cafeteria, dorms, supervision and academic support (even if it is study hall/tutoring for online courses). Host family, cook your own meals, no academic support are exactly what I am trying to weed OUT of the long list of schools on the dedicated pages.


Which brings my next question...a finishing program would be for a 17 (ish) + aged dancer, who is either done with or just wrapping up high school. Correct?

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Bossov Ballet Theatre (BBT) also fits your list. It's run by Maine Central Institute, offers dorm housing & daytime and evening ballet classes along with a full academic program. They just hired a new teacher, Sabir Yapparov, who will hopefully help grow the boys program at Bossov. The current AD, Natalya Getman, is an excellent teacher - she brings out the best in her students.

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There are really only a very few true residential schools here in the U.S., Noodles. But when the question is asked, the answers eventually expand to include all the other type scenarios., which is why I predicted we'd soon be back to the list in the dedicated Forum.


The number of actual residential schools has not increased ( it's actually decreased by one, as VIrginia School of the Arts closed its doors a few years ago.) So you won't have that many threads to review, evaluate and investigate. :)


Folks, please remember to put information regarding specific schools on the dedicated threads. :thumbsup:

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West coast - Colburn Dance School - newer program started by Jennifer RInger and James Fayette has dorms/cafeteria etc and is associated with Colburn School of the Arts.

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Nutmeg Ballet no longer includes a music conservatory. They closed that division down a few years ago in order to focus completely on classical ballet.

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This is a great idea! But is Houston Ballet the only residential program between the Rockies and the Mississippi?

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I just went through our "Pre Professional Schools/Residential Programs", and the answer is, "Yes". HB is the only one.

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