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Residential Schools with Focus on Classical Ballet

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Is the list you've come up with only for High School (with the exception of Kirov)? I'm wondering about Middle School age.

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Here are the ones that we visited and are/were on our short list for our 14 year old on the East Coast (I don't know much about the West Coast):


UNCSA - residential school with dorms and traditional school, high school and college - all arts

Kirov - residential school with dorms and traditional school, classical ballet focus

Nutmeg - residential school with dorms and supervised online school, classical ballet focus with some contemporary, etc.

Harid - residential school with dorms and supervised online school, classical ballet focus with some contemporary, etc.

CPYB - classical ballet only - you find you own host family/schooling option

Houston Ballet - classical ballet with some housing available in house and nearby, study halls for online.


Other to explore:


Boston Ballet - they just affiiiated with International Guest House nearby and two local private schools

Walnut Hill - dorms

The Rock - dorms

Pittsburgh - dorms nearby

Ellison - residence building across the street

Miami City - residences nearby

SAB - onsite dorms


Ellison houses at Riverside Terrace Hotel/Dorm on w 88th.

Ellison classes are at MMAC 248 W 60th.


It's either an 28 block walk (~ 2 miles) or a subway. To my knowledge no one walks? Most take the #1 from 86th to Columbus and then walk the 4-5 blocks over to MMAC.

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I'm happy you are all working to help each other. But for the purposes of those who come after you and also those you are not yet of the age to need this information and might look to this thread to see what schools offer residency, it is important to note again that a true residency program is one that will offer housing, even if host families, an educational track and ballet training. We are in a time that you can "move" your child to any pre-pro or company school, make arrangements for your own housing and make arrangements for your own schooling, but that does not a residency make. That makes you a transplanted student at that company affiliated or pre-pro school.


Noodles--did UNCSA lose their dorms? They are on your "find your own housing list".

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I also have a couple comments about this list. While most Bossov dancers might go to college, they do have a substantial number of dancers that have joined major companies both in the US and abroad.


San Fran has a house for selected students (including trainees). This year they are also evaluating additional housing for responsible students over 18 years old.

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Hi Noodles, Can you break out the stats for us, please? How many graduates from each school you listed went on to dance professionally vs. attend college in the last 2 years (any earlier would be a different economic climate)?

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Colbourn has a new ballet program in LA that offers housing. It's just a year old but worth a look on the West coast.

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Noodles, I too would be interested to know how you made your determinations about:


Residentials with a college focus
  • Bossov Ballet- dorms, cafeteria, attend college prep high school, most grads go to college
  • Nutmeg - dorms, cafeteria, full high school program, most grads go on to college
  • Walnut Hill - dorms, cafeteria, full high school program, college focus

Is there a percentage you looked at?


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Um This is NOT accurate:


SAB New York- limited residential space, cafeteria, academic support online courses= better for older teens


I will leave the details to folks who have kids at SAB but I attended a meeting this summer in which the Educational Director at SAB described the educational options available to year round students. Basically, they do not allow online schooling unless you have previously completed online schooling. They don't really encourage that.


They work directly with two schools: PPAS and Prof Children's School to coordinate schedules, enroll, etc. They offer some tuition scholarships to PCS for their top students. They have even hired tutors to teach upper level students when their course work conflicted with their dance schedules so that they could get classes that they needed. They require most (if not all) kids to apply to college and they help them market their SAB experiences for college apps. They seemed pretty committed to the dancer's education and they house kids from 9th-12th grade.


I don't have anyone at SAB year round but I don't really think it's accurate to say they are doing online courses.


They have room for 60 students in dorms. Their pre professional division is about 120 students. Those students who live within a certain radius may not use the dorms.

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And this isn't correct either:


The Harid Conservatory Florida- dorms, cafeteria, transport to local high school. Must attend SI to be invited to year round


Harid uses Florida Virtual Academy and most, if not all students, take those classes on sight, supervised with the support of an educational director (who is really experienced, and knowledgeable.)

We visited Harid and had a tour.

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HARID also should be listed as an academic high school. The students receive a diploma from the State of Floriida as well as a certificate of completion from HARID for those students who complete the two highest levels of the school. All of our students are on full artistic scholarship, which means one must pay for the academic online schooling with Florida Virtual School and the housing. Large financial aid packages are available as well as quite a few named scholarships. The new Marcelo Gomes Scholarship is specifically for a male dancer. The Nureyev Foundation also funds the school to select a few male and female scholarships to the year round program. We also have the Reuger Scholarship for both male and female students. In the summer we have the Steve Caras Scholarship awarded to a young man.

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All of what I posted was based on my notes from the residential forum and from the school websites themselves.


It does appear that I made a mistake on UNCSA.

Re: Harid, the residential thread here sounded as if they


I am happy to modify the list but through my reading his was what I came up with.


Moxie, I read their websites and links/ info posted on the res. threads.


I will delete the post. I was simply trying to condense information.

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Noodles, it was a well-intentioned endeavor, but as you can see, different criteria impact individuals differently. That's why we created the specific Forum with dedicated threads and encourage folks to do their own research, compare and contrast, and evaluation. It is simply too hard to make a single list with all factors weighted or of interest to each person. We do appreciate your effort. :)

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