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How many hours per week of dance?

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I'm curious about it too. Our studio's AD/teacher/etc went on pointe at age 8 in Italy pre-WWII. She says that, once students were solidly on pointe, ALL their classes (with a few exceptions) were pointe only. This was a special nationally-funded school/dance program 5 or 6 days a week. She doesn't run her studio like that (no one starts that young and there are at least as many classes in demi as in pointe for advanced students). I've heard from her and the other main teacher that all-pointe, and starting young, was not unusual.

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Lots of things prior to WWII have changed over the years, including ballet training. We have a whole lot more knowledge now in so many areas, and I find no rationale in wearing pointe shoes for all classes, at any level. Even the vast majority of professional company dancers do not take their daily technique classes in pointe shoes, especially not the barre. Some will do center on pointe, but often only to break in shoes for rehearsals and performances. Have you watched any of the World Ballet Day company classes? The top companies in the world show their dancers in soft shoes for all or most of the class.


As for students, their pointe classes and rehearsals should take care of the amount of work needed in pointe shoes if they are in solid pre-pro training. If they are not in that kind of training, then they are having fewer classes and it would be even worse for them to be taking them all in pointe shoes. There are a lot of reasons for this, and I'm not going to list them. It's all been said before.

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