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Scholarships/Raising Money for a Pre-Pro: Help!

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My family is really struggling to come up with the funds for the ballet school I will be attending next year. My dad makes a lot of money so we don't really qualify for financial aid, however, we still don't have enough money because although my dad does make a lot of money, he also has a lot of expenses (my sister's college cost, our beach house that no one will buy so we have to keep paying for it, our mortgage, public transportation for me to get to ballet, pointe shoes (!!!!!!!) ). My question was, does anyone know of any scholarship programs/grants that can be awarded to ballet students in order to help them afford their ballet training? Does anyone have any ideas of how to raise money? I set up a gofundme account a while ago but that hasn't gotten me close enough to my goal of $12,000, which is what I would definitely need to attend. Thanks in advance for any help! I am getting pretty desperate as without this money I won't be able to attend!


P.S: Is this the right place for this post? I wasn't really sure where to put it...

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I am in the same position as you. I have started my own business which has earned me a lot of money. I make "bun wraps" for hair buns! Everyone at my current studio has been very supportive and most have purchased 1-2. I am currently trying to start selling them in retail. It is a lot of hard work, but if you want it you can do it!


There are also websites where you can design a tee shirt and people can purchase them. I have seen a lot of people become successful with these. You could make it say something along the lines of dreams and put dancers on it, be creative!


I also do a lot of babysitting and I teach at my dance studio. Maybe see if you can put a babysitting flyer up at your dance studio if there are a lot of little ones!


You could also see if local Rotary clubs, etc would sponsor you. My dad is on one of these and they sponsor lots of teenagers and college students every year. I know Dance Council of North Texas has scholarship funds, along with Young Arts. My state has an annual dance festival with a "ballet scholarship audition" where prestigious dance schools donate scholarships. There are also cash scholarships for the top 3 scores in each age division, along with a very generous cash scholarship for the highest audition score of all age groups. This may be something to look into. Good luck!

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