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DVD/Videos: Inna Stabrova

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I have just come across a series of DVDs by Inna Stabrova who is Certified to teach Vaganova ballet. Does anyone know her work or have these DVDs? Just wondering if they are worth having.

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Guest Pas de Quoi

Hello: I purchased the Beginner Ballet Advanced Beginner Ballet and Character Dance DVD's. With the ballet DVD's there were some questionable (to me) exercises on the floor, some good ideas for helping children learn to spot. I was expecting something different - there was not much of what I would expect according to the titles. I understand that the instructor believes the work would be considered "pre-ballet" not in the sense that the children are young (they are not) but that in the Vaganova system, real classical training does not begin until age 10 or so, and the students take class pretty much every day. The work presented here is in preparation for that work.


The character work seemed advanced to me, and the DVD does not have much in the way of explanations, or teaching tips.


They were expensive, and since I have only used the RAD method DVD's I suppose I was expecting these to be more along those lines. I myself did not find them useful for my purposes.


I did not realize, prior to purchasing the DVD's, that there are short video clips on YouTube. I would not have purchased them had I viewed the previews.

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Guest Pas de Quoi

Hi Doubleturn: I agree. I love the video you reference above, and use the exercises in my classes with great success. And yes you are correct - the class videos of all the grades are quite good and inspiring as you state.

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I have her "Essential Preparatory for the Vaganova Method". Though there are exercises that are useful, I found her to be a bit abrasive in her manipulations of the young boy's body who is featured. She is very hands on with him though not as much with the young girl in the video(he is a bit stiff and not as naturally gifted as the girl is). It was a very big turn off for me. I have some of her other videos, the character ones, which I found to be a bit better.


The video clip you linked is lovely and shows many of the exercises in the dvd that I have. I just really didn't like how she kept adjusting the little guy. If I attempted that with my students at either studio I teach for, I would be ousted quickly!

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While I have respect for Inna Strabova, she is not a certified teacher of Vaganova. She seems to have attended a teacher's workshop overview on the teaching of a Russian method. Certification from the Cosmopolitan Ballet is not considered an actual certification in the Vaganova method of teaching. The actual certification of teaching this method can only come from the Vaganova Academy. I know, the Bolshoi also has a diplomaed course of study, but it is in their method of teaching.


Vaganova Academy has now opened their teacher's course to international teachers once again. They seem to have a 4 month course and a 9 month course. I am not quite sure what it is, as I had to study 2 years and the Russians now in the methodology department are studying 5 years. I would suggest, if one can, go to the Vaganova Academy directly to study.


I do not know Ms. Strabova's DVDs, but she is a lovely and professional person. I will look into buying a set of DVDs.

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Vrsfanatic, by all means let us know what you think about it, when you have watched it!


The Bolshoi has another method of teaching than Vaganova? Could you explain the difference? (I´m asking because my teacher is taking part in teacher trainings at the Bolshoi (but not such a long program, that´s only one week once a year...)

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In all Russian government schools, the Vaganova program of study is taught. Only the Vaganova Academy can give the diploma for having studied Vaganova Methodology as a teacher. GITIS, Perm and the St. Petersburg Conservatory give different diplomas. I will check to see what their diplomas state now, as they may have changed over the past 20 years.


The Bolshoi summer study program is an overview. I know people who have taken it. The course cannot be more than an introductory course to help familiarize teachers with the program. It is a very complex program. Not one to be learned in a week or two.

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I have two of her character DVDs and I do love them very much. I studied vaganova character dance during teacher training (after having studied a bit of RAD character as a child) with a certified vaganova teacher as vrsfanatic explained. I teach now character myself and I enjoyed the DVDs very much because it gave me some fresh and inspiring ideas what to do with children/teenagers (as you can imagine that what we did was much more advanced). The DVDs helped me to find the link from what I did myself, to what and how I have can teach it to the kids. There actually some differences between what we were taught and what she teaches but it's possible that there are so many different steps and movements in character, that I just haven't seen it yet...

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Thank you very much! Then the Bolshoi Program will be very similar?! And I´m very interested what you think about the DVDs (especially the pre ballet exercises because I suppose I could you it to do floorwork at home...).

I suppose character does have more varieties? I only had a few lessons, but there seem to be very many different styles...

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Thanks VRS, it just shows a website it doesn't always give the whole story - it said there that she was certified but possibly is a bit misleading. It was really the classical DVDs I was curious about, although as you say the character is very good Claude, I might see what she has put up on Youtube.

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Vrsfanatic: Have you watched the DVD by now? I´ve been so curious that I bought the "Preparotory" DVD, but I´ve got the idea that it is only part of the Vaganova program. There are good strengthening exercises, but only few stretches. I can´t imagine that they don´t stretch more at the Vaganova acandemy?

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In my opinion she is trying to show her approach for private ballet programs in the USA, by keeping Vaganova syllabus and method as much as possible for kids whom are attending classes 2 or 3 times per week. Seems like it is working well for her students so far. I have Advanced Beginner and level 3 syllabus DVDs (level 3 is by her husband) In my opinion it is very good. About stretching: some private schools do not allow over stretching because not all children grow the same.

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An old thread, but I have to revive it: I just started character dance (had my first lesson) and I would like to get some more explanation as the others are not beginners! Would Inna Stabrovas` DVDs be a good resource for that?

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yes, helped me a lot, her Syllabus DVD,  Barre work DVD ( I think I just saw another DVD for barre work) also I remember Center work (it was very good)

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