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DVD/Videos: Inna Stabrova

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Oh, I just see your reply right now! Thank you very much! Which level DVD have you got? I only started in January, but with teenagers and for that age it says level 3?!

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I have level one barre work and center work, for Vaganova Syllabus. Also for Character Dance class:  syllabus for level1, Barre work level 1 and Center work etudes for level 1.

She has another new DVD for Barre work looks like level 2 for Character Dance CD included. I like it a lot, lots of explanations.

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So true! I have all of her Character Dance DVD's and I think that boy on Essential Preparatory level is her son, but I might be wrong. He looks a lot like the boy on her Character Dance DVD Center work, and I think he is also appears on her last DVD for Character Dance Class Barre work.

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Ah, passe, you them all? Do you think the barre and center DVDs are good for practicing in addition to my lessons at school? Are there exercises you can follow like on the preparatory DVD (I´ve got that, too).


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Yes, very good, I usually check her work on YouTube, if you type in her name and Character Dance it will take you to her account and video samples. And yes, you can follow all the exercises because she explains all of the details thoroughly.

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