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Post High School Training Late Summer Auditions???

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DD is currently attending an SI, and will be auditioning for their trainee program. Option 2 is to look into CYPB. Where / how do we go about looking at other training programs that will still accept students mid to late summer (either through audition or teacher recommendation)? It would be nice to have some other options on the table just in case, but I'm not sure where to start.

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Uh, maybe here on Ballet Talk for Dancers??? :)

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But where on the forums? Going through the list of schools doesn't necessarily tell you the answer to this question without asking (which is a lot of asking). Does that make sense? It would be nice to start a list of open training programs that are late summer options for post graduates. Surely there are others who face the same dilemma?

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Pull up a comfy chair, a pot of coffee or tea, and do as Clara76 suggests: Read and explore BT4D---all Forums, all threads. Use the Search feature, simply scroll through the Indices of the various Forums, you'll be amazed at all the info contained here, shared here, and available here.


You aren't the first with these issues and you won't be the last. :wink: But there is a wealth of past experiences here just for the reading and applying.


New questions can always be added to older threads to bring them to the forefront. Make use of the depth of experiences our members have shared over the years.


ETA: There is already a list of training programs! No one will know whether there are openings until they apply. Those things are often very fluid. There may be no spots open . . . until the program sees a dancer it wants, then there is a spot open.


Your dancer will come to understand that there are certain times when SHE must travel her path on her own.

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It never hurts to ask each program directly but they may not know if they have openings until their own summer program is complete. I know that DDs home program was actively seeking dancers at the end of last summer. They were contacting those who were accepted for the summer but attended elsewhere to see if they were still available to attend the year round program. One dancer didn't even move here until two or three weeks into the year. This doesn't happen every year but they had spots to fill last year and it still ended up being a very small group of dancers. I'm sure other programs are the same but it probably changes from year to year.


The best thing your DD can do right now is to have a video portfolio ready to go if and when she needs to go to plan B. My number one thing for this time next year is to make sure DDs have a very good video package ready to go if future summer plans don't pan out.

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I agree with everyone here from Clara76 to Dancemaven to mom2two.


Training program as in post grad Trainee or as in just another school? (forgive me for not following/remembering the trajectory of your child) Besides looking here to get the names of programs (which are here for you), in reality, if you are asking about post grad then your DD should be making individual contact and asking this question one by one. Why? Because what was last year and what was yesterday might not be the answer today. This really is one of those cases where you will need to grasp this info from first hand sources on your own after doing the initial research here.


I feel your frustration and panic, but it is important to take a deep breath and dig into Plan B while you still have time. So, if you are asking about additional Training, there will be many, many options for her. If you are talking about Training programs that have a direct line to some sort of possible company position then you'll want to hang out not in the Pre-pro forums but in the Career programs where your list will automatically be shorter. Then, start emailing and/or calling. After you reach one or two, you will find the method you'll need to take at this time to see if she still has time to send a video, get the video pulled from the stack or get an audition still. It's still a bit early for most programs to know if they have slots or not since most SIs have not done their acceptances of dancers to see how many slots for the year those students will fill versus those in house.


I know it may feel like a thread will help. But it's too early for that unfortunately. In the meantime, dig in and do the work until such time as SIs begin telling those who they might keep and then we can look into a list that would be meaningful.

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She is at an SI right now, so she doesn't have the time to do the research and make the phone calls, so I'm doing it for her. Her plan B was CPYB, but the living cost is prohibitive (and it's really far away), so I'm looking at other options -mainly in the south. I found 4 possibilities, but we still need to learn more, then she needs to look at the programs.

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Backstage mom, we faced the same dilemma last year when dd had a change of heart about the college option selected. It all worked out but the lesson learned for us was take the time to research. Selecting a program for your dd is like dating. If someone had told me that a year ago I would have said, whatever... Its about the training... But it is so much more. Its networking, its learning what you want and where you want to go long term. As we found, people can say one thing but they don't know the child and they haven't dated long enough to be married. Rehearsals begin and people get busy. So I would spend time focusing on their communications, and understanding if the program is ready to train the whole person.


If your dd is has any introvert tendencies then going away may actually be good.

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We faced a similar dilemma last year. While dd was not quite finished with high school, she knew that she needed a change in her training in order to achieve her goals. She had hoped she would get a trainee position from her SI, but learned that she was actually still too young for that particular program. She had sent videos to 2 programs that did not require SI attendance and did get accepted for a trainee program, but upon further research, it wasn't a great fit for her at that time.


While she was at 2 different SI programs that summer, she spoke to teachers and asked for advice. That led to coming up with a list of programs to investigate. It seemed, that year, that most of the company affiliated programs that were recommended for her were already full. We were also looking at schools, both company affiliated and non-company affiliated. Late August was spent researching and auditioning. It seemed like every program that accepted her was a program that dd felt wasn't a good fit. Finally, there was a waitlist at a dream school which gave her a glimmer of hope that she could find the right program. Not long after that came an acceptance from a school that was a good fit! She was preparing to make a new video to send out to other programs when that one finally came through... it was already the second week of September.

One of the most important lessons dd has learned this year is that contrary to popular opinion, there is time. Over and over again this year, dd has had mentors who have told her that it is OK to slow down and train more before jumping into the professional world. Of course, at the same time she has also been told to run with certain opportunities should they occur. This year, her senior year, has been much more about training than it has been about finding the next step in the journey. And that's really OK! She'll be an even stronger, more mature dancer when she does audition for trainee positions this coming season. My advice is to spread a wide net in your research. Do not limit yourself to trainee programs. Look at post-grad programs and look at schools, both company affiliated and not. Perhaps the school where she is this summer might be a good match. There are also smaller schools around the US that will take a post-high school student on. I know dd's former school, a small non-company school, often had a student who was out of high school train for a year (sometimes more) before moving on and her current school has a number of post-high school aged dancers. Dd met others as she looked at various other programs. It's not as uncommon as you might be led to believe when you are at typical schools that end with the end of high school.

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Will companies post if they will be holding a late auditition? My DD didn't get accepted to her #1 spot for a trainee during her SI. She has two other options. But I've been hearing not so good things on her backup choice. She wants to make a decision now, but I don't want her to make a decision, just to make a decision. She is looking for a trainee type of spot for next year.

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Sometimes that happens but by now you can usually tell by looking at a company's website or Facebook page to see if they've already announced their new roster.

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Charlotte Ballet has just posted to Instagram and Facebook that they are still accepting video auditions for the school year program.

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My DD is in the same situation 18 and know where to go. Her home school is ballet focused, good but not great instructors and very very laid back. She needs about 6 months to a year great training. Went to 2 SI programs this year. First SI program was with a company and had fantastic training but the teachers were guest artists. Director said she was too tall for studio company 5'8 (due to male height) and too young for company. Currently at 2nd SI post grad program (high reviews) but likes nothing about it. We both combed the internet and BT. I cant fly her all over the US for auditions and its had to narrow down choices by looking at websites. I have found non-trainee programs only dance about 2 hours a day with pointe 2x a week

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We did a similar search last year when dd was 17. It is certainly very hard to narrow things down by looking at websites! Many/most non-trainee programs dance more than 2 hours a day and have pointe more than twice a week. It can be hard to tell with pointe as at some schools, at the top level, they may wear their shoes in class daily. I know dd's former studio had pointe on the schedule maybe once a week, but they were en pointe at least 5 days a week, more with rehearsals.


For dd, she was looking for not just increased hours but was also specific in what she wanted in terms of style. That helped narrow things down a bit. It became even more clear as she tried or auditioned at various schools. There are many lesser known, somewhat hidden gems out there, depending on what she is really looking for.

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