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In order to help facilitate our members who are Parents of Male dancers, we'd like to ask you when posting your SI reviews that you also come to this thread and link to your review. If you need help, please feel free to PM me or a POB Moderator. This will help us keep the SI reviews in one place but will also help you easily find reviews specific to the young men attending SIs.


To link, after posting your review, go to that post and click on your post number. Then copy that link. Come to this new thread and create a post using the full post (not quick post). You can either just post the link or better yet add a statement like: ABC SI review from Male perspective (or similar). Highlight that and then click the link (chain and +) in the post menu. Put the copied post link in that.


Thanks for helping us both keep the review form for reviews and also helping us foster POB's seeing reviews from other male dancers or parents of male dancers.



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