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Review of 2016 Chautauqua Workshop I from perspective of the parent of an 11yo boy




(edited because now I think I figured out how to actually link to the specific post. I clicked on the little number by the upper righthand corner of my post and it popped a link up to go straight to it. I think.)

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bumping this up since I see that the audition roll call post has significantly more replies than this one. It really helps other boy parents (like me!) if you review the summer programs from a male perspective. It is especially helpful right now as the boys are starting to head to auditions, and, hopefully, have some acceptances.

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Review of Walnut Hill Summer Youth Dance 2017 11DS with parent imput


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Audition season is around the corner-- boy parents, its so helpful if you review the programs your sons have attended. It can be hard to get even practical information about boys training at the different programs, let alone feedback about housing, numbers of boys, etc. 

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