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Does anyone have a review for their DS attending SAB's summer program they'd be willing to share, please?

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Have you checked the SAB threads and archived threads?

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Any reviews of Boston Ballet (Clarendon St) Summer Dance WORKSHOP from parents of younger boys? Mine is 9 and attending for the first time. (Not the summer dance program for the older boys. This one is one week long full days and for boys and girls).

PS- I’m new to the group and have searched but can’t seem to find anything on the workshop for younger boys or on B.B. in general for younger boys. Please feel free to point me in the right direction! 

Thank you!!!

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Oh yes, 2 weeks, sorry. I will ask about the boys’ class. Thank you!

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Boy parents! I am posting to remind you all to link your summer reviews (or perhaps, to write them first and then link them!). I have found it so helpful and I am sure other boy parents do too. 

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Anyone have a recent review from Bolshoi Ballet's NYC Prep or CT programs they can share from a boy's perspective? 

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Just a gentle reminder:   Please do post your reviews on the appropriate dedicated SI thread.  Then post a link here.  :)

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Yes, I should have been more clear. Does anyone have a link to a review from DS's perspective? I looked but couldn't find any... maybe I just missed it?

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dancingninja, you may just have top grab a cup/glass of your favorite beverage, and read through the reviews! You might find some good information in the parents of female dancers reviews as well.

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Its hard because the girls reviews often don’t mention anything about the boys at all... but hopefully boy parents will continue to review and link to this thread. 


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