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Clara 76, I promise that I've already enjoyed several¬†glasses of wine while reading through all of the reviews. ūüć∑

But like 5uptown said, few of them mention the boys training. DS is the only boy at his studio so the SIs provide a unique opportunity for him to receive male-specific training. That's why I was asking if anyone could add from their DS's perspective. ūüėȬ†

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Review of Ballet Austin from a parent of a 14yo boy. I will add here that I think his level had 8 boys in it (?) and just point out that they did have regular, though not daily men's class, and quite a bit of partnering, which my son was happy about. He was happy with number of boys in the program, and they do combine boys levels for partnering and men's class. 

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Hi boy parents-- this thread was mentioned elsewhere, just a reminder that if you and/or your son review the programs, post the links here. 

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