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Recovering from Injury & Getting Back to Ballet


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Hey guys!


In January I was diagnosed with a labral tear in my left hip and had to immediately stop dancing just to manage my pain. In March I had surgery to repair it and has since left me missing my days in the studio. Now that I'm 3 months post-op, I'm beginning to strengthen everything because taking so much time off has left me extremely weak. Has anybody gone through this and could give me suggestions on things I could do to get back to ballet quicker? If anybody has stories about their recoveries from injuries that took them out of ballet for awhile, I would love to hear them!



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Balletgirl608, I'm very sorry to hear about your injury. I wish I could tell you there i s a quicker way to heal, but for ballet there are no shortcuts. However, I would assume that you are in Physical Therapy, with doctors orders for specific strengthening and mobility exercises. Recovery and therapy first, and then start thinking about ballet. Discuss it with your doctor and therapists, and when you are given the okay to start back, be sure that your teachers totally know exactly what you can do and what you cannot and for how long before you can add more. This is critical, because the demands on the body, especially the hips, when it comes to ballet are well beyond what is considered "recovery" for a "normal" person. Even an athlete does not have to consider rotation. Make sure that your doctor and therapists totally understand what it is that you do! The last thing you want to do is re-injure yourself and have to go through this all over again.

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