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Street shoe for girls


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I think there's a topic about this somewhere...but I remember not being able to find small sizes in the brands recommended. I'm looking for a supportive street shoe that are good for a dancers feet, my dd wears a 13. Any recommendations?

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My daughter wears the tan leather sperry's constantly...not the flat tennis shoe like ones. We bought them originally to deal with some heel pain and help support. Wearing them helped tremendously. They look good in all seasons. They have them in kid sizes for about $70.

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My dd had severs disease (inflamed growth plate in her heal) she started wearing the memory foam Sketchers and has been great ever since! She loves them!

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Both of my kids have recurring Severs and my daughter has found that the memory foam Skechers, Keen and Merrell shoes work great.

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We live in a warm climate, so my daughters and I both wear Birkenstock Gizeh sandals. They have narrow feet and Birks come in narrow. The strap holds the shoe more snugly to their feet than flip flops, which is what they would probably be wearing otherwise. Unfortunately they aren't allowed to wear sandals to school, so they want to wear Converse. Then they complain about their feet hurting. I wish there were more choices in quality footwear for kids--their growing feet need it. Once you've had a kid with Severs you never want to experience it again.

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My daughter usually wears Doc Martens, but she wears a women's size 8.5 now at age 12. Since we live in Texas and the temps soar over a 100 degrees all throughout the summer, she will then switch to random sandals for street shoes. Those probably aren't the best shoe choices for someone training 6 days a week...She does wear high quality cross trainers when she is not in the studio but still working out to build endurance, etc.


Shoot, I never thought about whether her street shoes were good for her feet. Is this an epic fail on my part? She has always been lucky in that her feet are very strong and don't cause her any pain (other than the typical bleeding blisters while waiting for calluses).

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I'm asking because my dd has been wearing a cheap sandal or converse sneakers and has been complaining of foot pain.

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Natashabrown, before my dd got Sever's she ONLY wore flip flops and converse! Then in February of this year she started complaining of heal pain (she is 10) she could barely walk on her foot without walking on her toes. We took her to the Dr, and they confirmed sever's her Dr. explained that she should not be wearing any cheap sandals or hard shoes like converse they are really hard on the feet. We went with the memory foam sketchers her feet have gone from a size 1 in Feb. to a size 3.5 as of this month so I have had to buy shoes every couple months LOL. The sever's is gone and I think the shoes have a lot to do with it. We did have her start doing calf and achillies stretches and she did ice baths that reduced the pain. It is really common in young athletes.

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My DD thankfully hasn't complained of any foot pain yet, but I (non-dancing mom) have very high arches and plenty of foot pain from various old injuries. I bought a pair of the memory foam skechers recently and am thoroughly amazed how soft the footbed is while still being very supportive and super breathable with the mesh uppers. Excited to see that they come in kids sizes for DD next pair of sneaks! These should significantly reduce bony concussion while not in the studio.

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