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Worried I hurt my knee


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I'm not sure how but I somehow hurt my knee. I do ballet so I'm constantly turned out in class. I noticed it was bothering me only in a certain position but that was it. I can walk on it fine. I noticed it s few weeks ago. I don't think it's swollen. It looks normal to me.this weekend I was practicing ballet and was doing a pas de chas and came down wrong on it which made it a tiny bit worse than it was. I still can walk on it fine and it doesn't even hurt the majority of time. It bothers me for a little bit in the morning but that's pretty much it. I'm just worried it's a meniscus tear because it's on the side of my knee. Please help me figure this out because I don't want to miss ballet. And my teachers haven't told me I'm turning out wrong. So I'm pretty sure I'm turning out from my hips because I know you can injure your knee if you turn out from your knee. Someone saw the way I turned out today and said that I turn out correctly

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I am sorry to hear of your pain and your concern for injury. I suggest you speak with a parent and your teacher. Where there is a flame, there might be a fire. See a medical professional for the most logical diagnosis. Wishing you all the best.

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Thanks I talked to my mom and she thinks I just tweaked it. So hopefully it's fine

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As long as a responsible adult knows, you are in good hands! All the best to you!

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My knee has really been bothering me as well (I am at a summer program and unfortunantly I have had to sit out of multiple classes). I don't really know what I did to it, but I think it is a turn out problem for me.

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I hope you get it figured out so you can dance! I have an intensive soon also. I don't think it's a turnout issue for me just because I know my teachers would have been like your holding your turnout wrong and someone else that does ballet stuff said that I have good turnout

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Balletgilly3 please seek medical advice from a medical professional. Please tell your teachers before class. While your teachers are not medical professionals, they do deserve to know you may need help. They may be able to help you with the turn out concern as well.

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Yes, I am going to the physical therapist tomorrow

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