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Repetto Men's Tights


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Does anyone know where I can get Repetto Men's footed tights (gray & black)? All the usual sources have dried up or are drying up. I googled them and found either nothing or when a store had them, they were not reordering or gave the impression that they're were not going to. I really like these tights, but apparently they've become scarce these days. Thanks for your help!!

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Just been looking on the UK site for myself !, need a couple new pair tights and also interested to see they do grey split shoe ballet shoes, not seen them offered before in UK, they seem a bit more expensive all round but if quality is there, then probably worth a go.

Tights wise at moment go for Wear Moi - reasonable price and quality is OK to

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My wife brought me back a pair from Paris. They're much better than the Capezio ones I was using. The shoes my son got seem nice too.

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Bought a pair of grey tights plus a pair split shoes grey shoes as well (never seen grey offered before) worn both now a few time, fit is excellent and so is quality well worth trying, even though a little more expensive - Wear Moi might have lost out now ! other than dance belts

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