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Guest alpusachni

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Guest alpusachni

I want to spend approx a week in each city, seeing the sites but also taking some classes. What are good studios to look into. I know of in NYC: Peridance, Bdway dance, Steps and in L.A Edge and Westside. I dont want to overwhelm myself with classes as I am only at about adv beg level(although when I go to these cities I plan to take basic or beg classes most likely)


I have been to L.A a couple times(never got to take classses though) so I know my way around there ok. My main prob is NYC, I have never been there. I'm thinking of going on this trip next spring or summer, so it's far away but I want to also plan ahead. What are good places to stay at(inezpensive but still safe) I know that it will cost a lot no matter what, since it is NYC, but I dotn need to stay at the Ritz or anything. :) Also I definitly plan to take at least a couple classes at Bdwy dance, are there other studio in that general area, I want to stay in a hotle near the dance studios I go to.


one more question as far as money, what is a good amount to take with, for both cities. I do plan to do some touristy stuff, some shopping and some eating(I'll pack foood to take with and try to find some grocery stores to save money but I figure i'll also eat a couple meals out too.)


just an idea on average including hotel(estimated cost) of how much to take and be savign up. This is something I hvae wanted to do for a couple years now and I finally decided to just do it :)

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Hello alpusachni, welcome to the Adult Ballet Students' forum on Ballet Talk! :)


You seem to know the main studios, but I will leave it to the other adults from those cities to make any further suggestions. I'm not familiar with LA classes, but in NYC everyone I know has been quite happy with classes at Steps.


I would suggest looking up the addresses of the studios, and then doing a search for hotels in the area, using one of the many travel and hotel search engines, such as Travelocity or hotels.com, etc. The rates vary a lot in the city, and your expenses are very hard to determine. Once you get a hotel rate, then add the cost of classes, transportation, and a daily average for food, and you should be able to figure out approximately how much you will need. When you get that figure, then add on a good bit extra 'cause it's always more expensive than you think it will be! ;)

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Guest Anders

I'm just back from a few weeks in New York, during which I took a few classes (floor barre technique) at Steps. I whole-heartedly recommend the place for its atmosphere. So New York. So dance. Classes are 12.50. The combination of travel and dance class is really good. It gives your presence in the city a sense of purpose, which makes you feel like a local from the very beginning.


Regarding accomodation, most of the time I stayed with friends, but I also spent a few nights at a hotel called the Murray Hill Inn, which costs 60 bucks a night (with shared bathroom) and offers really nothing more than a bed, an air conditioner and a tv. I know there are hostels for less than that. (I also know there are several hotels for a bit more than that :)) .) Staying close to the studio is a good idea, but needn't be decisive. If you don't find anything nere the studio, check along the subway line that stops near it (in the case of Steps, I think the 1, 2 and 3). Anything along the same subway line is as convenient as you can hope for.


As to travelling budget, this is always a matter of interests and preference. I for one am a sucker for shopping, nightlife, cocktails, and eating out. I wasn't about to let any fixed budget hold me back from enjoying the city to the fullest. I also took in two ballets and a Broadway show. I haven't conclusively assessed the damage (and have not separated the costs of the Boston, Richmond and New York leg of my US East Coast Tour), but I think I spent an average of a little over USD 100 per day (excluding accomodation). I could probably have got away with less than half of that, but life's too short!


Good luck!

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I was in NYC last week for work and squeezed in a class at Ballet Academy East. On the basis of that -- beginners class, 7:30 - 9 pm Wed., Ms. Bradisteanu -- I'd recommend it. There were only five of us in class so we all got a lot of individual attention and corrections. (I've heard Steps and Bway Dance classes can get really crowded.) The studios are light and airy, and I really liked the teacher's clean, precise style. They offer about five or six levels of ballet; the schedule isn't on the internet but they'll fax it to you: 212 410 2723. The studio is on the Upper East Side, 3rd Ave. and 92nd St.


Manhattan hotels can be expensive (no shared baths for this princess!:) ) but there are some good rates particularly on weekends. I've had good luck with websites like quikbook and hoteldiscounts. Two hotels that I've stayed at that I think are near BAE are the Franklin and the Barbizon (think that may be called Melrose now), but the subway is great and goes just about everywhere. Don't be scared off by NY's reputation for being pricey -- there are lots of good delis, grocery stores, coffee shops etc., that are no more expensive than anywhere else (and may even be cheaper because of all the competition), for all the regular, non-Trump people who live and work there!

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There is a very nice hostel on about 103 or 104 Streets and Amsterdam Ave. It gets a lot of Europeans. It is convenient to Steps, just a few subway stops on the 1,2,3 train.


I prefer Steps to Broadway Dance, less crowded better organized. There is also Ballet Arts at City Center and Danspace in Soho. All have web sites. Danspace is fun cause it will give you a chance to check out the Soho scene. Great shopping at Canal Jeans and great prices too.

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Had a great response earlier but AOL bounced me like a hot check. Hope this one works this time:


In Los Angeles I prefer Cynthia Molnar at Dance Arts Academy on La Brea in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles. She has beginner classes (between basic and level 1) Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 AM. She also offers an intermediate class Monday and Wednesday at 9:00 AM. Class times change to 9:30 starting after August 9th. I love this teacher. Can't say enough about her.


I've gone to Edge. I liked Nichole Harlan's class but I hated the people. There was a serious case of Los Angeles "poser" attiutude going on in the classes I took with her. She was great, the students left a lot to be desired. But there were some good dancers there. They were just more into showing off than learning.


I've started taking lessons at Pasadena Dance Theater. I don't have the adult schedule committed to memory but it's not a bad place. The on-line site does not list the schedule.


Charolette Richards also teaches classes at Zeal in Culver City. They have a web site. She has Tues and Thurs night classes at 6:30PM, and Saturday at 10:00 AM with pointe class after. She's good.


Hotels in Los Angeles are expensive this time of year and usually booked, too, It's the peak of tourist season here until the end of August. There is a nice, clean Motel 6 in Hollywood just down the block from my house. Rooms average 60 - 70 dollars a night. It's central, near restaurants, sites, Manns' Chinese. As you likely know you'll need a car round these parts.


Hope this helps.

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Stay at the Hotel Beacon. Kitchens in every room. Call for rates as sometimes they vary. www.hotelbeacon.com

It's where a lot of artists performing at Lincoln Center (plus all the NYCB apprentices) stay....

down the street from Lincoln Center, close to many studios, and....


Across the street from Steps, literally. Steps is actually located above a wonderful grocery store (Fairway) which stays open very late, so there go any food problems!

Have a great time!



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I've stayed at the Helmsley hotel in New York before. As NY hotels go it's pretty affordable -- around $120 a night. And it's centrally located near 58th and Broadway. Walking distance to Times Square, Central Park, Macy's, etc.

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Guest piccolo

I liked the Edge and what was formerly known as the Tremaine Dance Center in L.A. I noticed in one of your other posts that you like jazz and these two studios are definitely the place to go. I highly recommend Doug Caldwell's lyrical jazz classes and I'm not sure I've had a bad regular jazz teacher at either place. L.A. definitely has a different feel than NY but hey, you're going to get a good class with great teachers. I'll try to find out the new name of the Tremaine studio for you.


Have a great trip!

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There's also a place called Millenium in North Hollywood that is very similar to EDGE and supposed to have great Jazz classes. A lot of pre-pro and pro LA people go there. You can find them at www.morolandis.com.

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I'm very fond of Laura Fremont and Josie Walsh at the Edge. In some ways a place like the Edge is ideal for someone who will only be in class a limited period of time -- they're used to transient students.


However: this is summer. Edge (and probably Millennium as well) are chock full of kids who come in for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and do nothing but take class all day. The classes are crowded and consequently, attention from teachers is erratic although they try. If you have any control over timing I'd wait until fall.


Finally, on another coast, I once lived at The Mayflower Hotel for a month and loved it. I believe it's still reasonable and geographically convenient for studios (and Lincoln Center!)


Good luck.

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Guest alpusachni

Thanks for all the info. I'm planning(if all works out) to go on a cruise to either the Carribean or Mexico in Jan iwth a friend, so right now my extra money is going towards that. I hope to have it paid for by the end of Next Month, so I plan to go to L>A(hopefully) in Sept or Oct.


As far as NYC I wont go until next summer at the earliest. I just want to plan ahead for when I do go, as I know it will be a busy trip and I want as much info as possible :)


one more question :o I have friends in the L.A area, I even know a HS classmate who lives there, so I would travel there alone but have people to stay with, be with, but as far as NYC I dont know anyone. The majority of my friends are either engaged, married or parents and dont like to travel a whole lot(esp not without a spouse) so finding someone to go to NYC with, will be hard, also most of my friends are not dancers. My old dance friends from my old studio are now spread out all over the country(as we are no longer Teens and have moved on to jobs etc...) and I dont know a lot of people in this area yet. So I may not have anyone to travel with--is NYC relativly safe if i'm traveling alone. I do n ot plan to go ut alone after dark or walk around the city alone, i'd stay with a crowd and be careful, but as far as going there for say a week by myself is it safe, or should I find a travel mate??

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