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How To Pick a Dance Studio?


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Over a month ago I emailed a lot of dance studios asking questions and found one that I thought was the best for me to join. Today another dance studio emailed me which said my emailed was missed, and gave me information about that studio. Now I am unsure if I should join the one I wanted before or the one that just answered. What information should I use or what should I ask the studios to make a decision? I understand this probably will not be enough information to receive help, so tell me what else I should share about the studios on this topic.

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ShaeDance, the first thing you need to do is read everything about the schools on their websites. The second thing is to visit the schools, watch classes, take a class, and then talk to the teacher and the AD about where you would be placed and what your schedule would be like. Learn everything you can about the schools before visiting. Try to find out if their students go to recognized SI Programs,and if their graduates go on to either dance professionally or to good ballet programs in college. You should not make a decision until you have visited the schools.

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Okay, thank you so much! I contacted both studios about watching and participating in some classes!

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Excellent! Let us know what happens. :)

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Another important thing I would look at is how happy the dancers are. Is the environment very negative or family like? It's important to find a studio you feel you will be happy at.

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Thank you Ms. Leigh! I'll be sure to do that!

And okay, thank you Divergent! That is another very important thing that I'll think about!

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