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Oregon Ballet Theatre 2 (OBT2)

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I'm very happy that Oregon Ballet Theatre has announced that OBT 2 will be under the leadership of Lisa Sundstrom. I'm excited to see what they will do and very happy that she will be heading up OBT 2 this year. Congratulations to her and to OBT!

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Is there a link to a news article, lorimac? I could move this to "Links" if there is. :)

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Hi Clara - there is. Someone posted it, but no one could comment on it. The link is out there somewhere...but locked I believe.

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I believe a member posted it in the Links forum. Normally only moderators/admin post there, and members do not have permission to reply.


Apologies that I missed posting this news myself!



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No apology necessary, mom2. DD is an apprentice at OBT, so she will be part of OBT2 and I'm happy they announced who would be heading it up. DD is excited too. Lisa is amazing.

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Hi Coco - Thus far, no promotions from OBT 2 to Apprentice have been announced. The open audition was just last week, so not sure if decisions would be made after the open audition. If I learn anything new, I will post the information.

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Coco, I just opened a new topic in "Post-Grad training Options" for OBT2 so that you all can discuss it there. :)

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It's ok! I wasn't smacking your hand- just helping find a way for you to get your questions answered where people might see them. :)

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