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Typical dance major schedule

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Do you mean technique classes? DD in BFA at U of Arizona has a lot of rehearsals. Ballet and pointe 5x per week, if she chooses. Many programs do not offer pointe daily. She did take jazz and modern as well last year, but academic scheduling requires her to omit modern this semester to get her gen eds done.Then there are options to take rep class,partnering. Also required classes in improv and choreography at various levels.Combined with rehearsals DD feels she dances a lot. At her school, one can focus on ballet, modern or jazz or a mix. There are tap classes available. Classes thru musical theater if one chooses, like a singing class for dancers. It seems pretty open as to how you want to structure your training to meet end goals. There are also academic dance classes required that one must get in, history, production, biomechanics. A lot of the time the classes a dancer is able to take is dictated by time available. DD said dancers from residential programs feel they don't have enough tech classes in college. But everyone has to fit academics in, so that is a limiting factor. Rehearsals take place afternoons and evenings and even Saturday and Sunday, depending on the pieces your cast in.


DD auditioned at 6 schools, I found each program was very different in the requirements, rehearsals, affording time for a double major, tech classes academic dance and non dance classes scheduling etc. One would have to try to find the right fit to reach goals.

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Thanks so much, kiwidancer. Yes, I meant technique classes. My daughter has mild scoliosis with intermittent spasm of the paraspinal muscles and has found that she really can't do more than four hours a day without experiencing back pain. Do you think this would limit her ability to earn a BFA a dance? She would prefer a BFA, as she has relatively little interest in other academic areas outside of dance.

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Tech classes yes, but if she is cast a a lot she will dance more. One of the difference between a BFA and BA is that the BFA is preparing the dancer for a performance career and professionals dance more than 4 hours. Maybe she would be interested in a BA, they do not have as many hours dancing, yet they are students of dance learning pedagogy, history, taking classes etc .


I am not sure how old your DD is, but so much changes happen in the lives and minds of teenagers/young adults. So many go off to college determined to pursue a certain major, not just dance majors either, with new experiences and exposure to different things they find something completely different. There are so many students my DD knows , non dancers and dancers that have switched gears and pursuing studies they didn't plan on prior. DD knows of 5 dancers, just this year, that trained at pre-pro entered trainee program afterward that decided this year to stop dance altogether and go to college. That is more the norm. I keep waiting for my DD to make a similar decision, just wishful thinking I guess. dance is such difficult profession.

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