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A report from my travels (levels & teachers) in Adult Ballet class


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Thanks Willimus -- my frustration with more advanced classes is that I used to be able to do all that, but I wasn't fully pre-pro trained, and have picked things up over the years, so need constant practice, and I don't get it at that level where I live at the moment (although my teacher's studio is only new & she wants to add more advanced classes). I wish I had just had been braver just to have a go in Ms Lockwood's class, as the combinations were gorgeous and very danceable.


And it's not that teachers in the UK are not concerned with being on your leg, just that it's not emphasised as much as working turn out.


The big thing I learnt from Kat Wildish was about bringing my torso far more forward than I had thought proper (I worry about my ribs splaying out). I then took that correction into my body and into my usual classes and have really noticed the difference. It felt extreme at first!

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Guest Pas de Quoi

Great topic!


I have had classes from teachers who were influenced in a major way by Maggie Black, Finis Jhung, and David Howard. I have taken classes from teachers also influenced by Alonzo King. Love the work, love the emphasis on movement, covering space, etc. I dance my best in these kind of classes, and I incorporate this kind of work in the classes I teach.


I have lived mostly on the West Coast and have heard the phrase "get on your leg" in most of my classes.

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Oh! Also, that feeling of being more forward is actually part of being on your leg too! ESPECIALLY on pointe. That feeling like your torso is being lifted from out of the pelvis and having your center/core being placed directly over the top of that balance point (usually whatever is touching the floor ie your platform or your metatarsals) - it's a weird feeling at first, but once you master that slightly forward movement, your balances on one foot become forever and ever. It's the first of many components to being on your leg. I can only do this for static balances, but have not figured it out for turning or transitions on command yet. Sigh. Still a long way to go before I can do that on command.

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