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Time off in summer?


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I just finished a 5-week summer intensive on Sunday, which went very well! However, now I have a little less than two weeks (classes start back again on August 18) before resuming my normal ballet schedule. Before my summer intensive, I was taking about 5-6 open ballet classes a week for about two weeks in order to stay in shape after the ballet school year ended. Tomorrow I'm getting all four wisdom teeth removed, so at least through the weekend I probably won't be able to exercise. Would it be beneficial to cross-train or work out today and after recovering from the wisdom teeth or to take two weeks to rest? I don't want to get out of shape for the year (and Nutcracker auditions, which are in three weeks! Yikes!). I'm 17, by the way!


I'm debating whether to take yoga tonight, but I'm so lazy after finishing my SI! :pinch:

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Taking this week off is good, as you do need some vacation. Next week, after you recover from the teeth thing, you might want to do some form of exercise, or maybe just do barre work and stretching at home a few days. That should make you feel more ready for classes the following week. But, try to do some fun things, too! :)

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Thank you so much for your helpful reply! I will make sure to get moving a little bit next week after recovering, and in the meantime will watch plenty of ballet documentaries and films!

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