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Auditions: Regional College auditions


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DD and I are working to set up her college auditions for coming year. Several of the colleges offer regional auditions in our city. This is very attractive as she wants to audition at many schools and there is only so much time on the calendar or money in the budget.


I've heard rumors, though, that the schools don't treat these auditions the same as the ones on campus, reducing a dancer's chance of admission. I find this hard to be true. Why would they bother with the regional auditions if they weren't a source of getting students?


Does anyone have direct experience or factual data regarding admission for dancers at a regional audition vs an on-campus audition?


(I realize the downside of not seeing the campus or experiencing an actual class in the school's facilities. I'm strictly seeking data or experiences about admissions through a regional audition.)



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We attended a regional audition for NYU. Regional auditions are the norm and are conducted in the same way as the one at the institution. It was an all day experience with cuts made as the day progressed.


For other places some of the schools cluster their auditions so that travel can be combined.

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