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My daughter has been dancing since 4yrs old, taking both ballet and jazz classes, and competing since she was 7yrs. She thrives in ballet and has taken weekly privates for both ballet technique and pointe in addition to her regular scheduled classes. She was also accepted into her first SI in NYC this past Summer. She is now 11 and explained that she is ready to give up competitions so she can concentrate more on her ballet training. She hopes to one day perform in NYC and knows the importance of good ballet technique so as a mom, am looking into furthering her training at a pre-professional ballet school. The problem, aside from expensive cost, is location. It seems that all the good pre-professional programs are in NYC and am afraid that this is a very large step for our family and am hoping to find something remotely similar that is more local to us. We are in Bergen County, NJ.

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Since you are in the NYC metropolitan area, may I suggest a modification of your statement to read, in your area the better programs seem to be in NYC. It might be misunderstood the way you have stated your concerns as there are wonderful programs outside of NYC. Some are even considered better than the ones in NYC.


As for your dilemma, at 11 it is not imperative that she run to NYC but at some point I would suggest if she is accepted in to one of the big 3 company schools, I would suggest you help her to learn how to take public transportation. If she has what they are looking for, you are giving her the advantage of not only the training, but also a social group that will help her to navigate the waters when she is finished with performing. Perhaps this social network will help her in the transition from dancer to another role in the industry. By taking public transportation, she also will learn very important skills of independence.


If you are not able to allow her to take public transportation in NYC at the critical training year, 13-17, you might consider sending her to a residential program with a good track record for job placement and success in developing dancers who achieve the highest level within the ballet system.

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Marseas Mom

Balletmama2, My DD left her jazz competition life at age 11 to focus on classical ballet. We were fortunate to find a wonderful smaller pre-pro that she attended until age 18. This school had a history of producing professional dancers- so we felt comfortable sending her there. We didn't have access to the metro NYC area so that wasn't an option for us when DD was younger, but you live in an area where you have many wonderful options as Vrsfanatic outlined. Perhaps search for the thread of Ballet School in New Jersey NJ/NYC area, as this thread has current posts that might also be helpful.


Good luck to you and your DD!

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