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M Stevens gray tights


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Anyone know where I can get M Stevens gray millskin tights in XL in a quick pinch? DS school website said black footless and everyone else showed up in gray. Obviously being the newbie, we missed some kind of memo on color? Seeing I've already plunked down for 3 black pairs, a place with them for a reasonable cost would be lovely. The best price I have seen so far is Nutmeg. I've tried all of the dancewear places local to DS but none of them have gray in stock. Thanks!



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Have you tried tutu[dot]com? I don't know if they'll have XL, but you could ask. They also have Mirella gray. They are very quick and reasonably priced. Calling is fastest; I don't really like their website.

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Nutmeg for Mirella gray.... best pricing I've seen. They are super thick and the seams come apart. I recommend pre-sewing.

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Thanks everyone! I ended up getting some wear moi's in a footless light gray that will just have to do. I had read about the mirella's blowing out in the crotch seam. :blushing: With DS a thousand miles away and knowing his sewing skills, those were just not an option. Hopefully the wear moi's will hold up. We usually have had our local dance costume lady make his tights but those don't look like everyone else's. Thanks again!

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