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What this say to an adult class. Instructor comes in, gives a basic barre exercise, puts on the music and then sits down without another word until the exercise is over, no corrections or comments and repeats this pattern for the next hour and a half


Is it wrong to assume he has no interest in teaching adults as he was very animated with the level six class before ours.

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It's what I'd call, "calling it in" --- If that! i hope you can find another teacher or studio that has a good adult class. (I say that as an adult student myself -- But it's pretty obviously not very professional or worthwhile, from my perspective).


I have run across, occasionally a fairly senior teacher (former accomplished dancer) who may not be fully spry or able to demonstrate, but who demo's anyway (still has eloquent feet and hands) and still talks plenty with plenty of great tips and corrections. The one you describe sounds like a dud, to me...... (I'd wonder about an AD who would hire a teacher l like that, too.) Again just my opinion. I sense you are skeptical though, and I'd agree - would not be an acceptable teacher for me to study with.

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I know too that there are some adults (mostly those with more experience when they were younger but not always) who just want to take class and aren't really looking for corrections. I could see them being ok with this kind of class. Not me though, I need my corrections!

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Sounds like to me time to look for another class, cant be to many people just looking to take the class with no corrections or input from the Teacher/Instructor, although might be wrong, would thought most people want the input so they can improve


Or was it just a bad class for the Teacher/Instructor - mind elsewhere

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Is this your regular teacher, Kini? Or was it a substitute teacher not used to teaching adults?

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Redbookish its an new teacher for a well established class that is made up of serious adult students.I was hoping it was just my imagination but it repeated again this week. Looks like most of the adults are voting with their feet and will be avoiding that class. Pity as that drops us down to two classes a week. Tempted to talk with the newly minted school director, just not sure how welcoming she would be with input right now.

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I would speak to someone. Either he has no interest or he has no understanding that there are adults who are serious about learning and want to be corrected.


When I started back at ballet as an adult, one of the first classes I took was a class where the teacher would correct the combination but not technique. So, while I was struggling to remember the combinations at times, I was also struggling to make sure I was performing the individual steps correctly. I was only told that I started on the wrong foot or didn't have the arm coordination, things I knew as soon as I did them. LOL. I wanted to know if I was sickled or not pulled up, etc. It turned out that many of the students had been in this class for years and there was no general mindset that the adults in this particular class wanted to improve and possibly move to the next level. So, a teacher like you describe might have been OK for this particular cohort. In several years of taking classes in various places, I've never seen this anywhere else!


I would think the new director would appreciate the feedback instead of wondering why all these adults have suddenly fled.

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It makes me realize that finding a teacher that takes adults seriously and corrects, w/ the idea that adults are capable of and very interested in learning and executing proper ballet technique, expression and all manner of other aspects of ballet, is a huge blessing and terrific, incredible luck. It makes me so grateful to have found a number of excellent teachers close to home, in a small city that is not a ballet 'hub'. Best wishes in solving that problem with your current class.


Or i might spend the time and money for that third class on something else.....yoga, pilates, or perhaps a different dance genre if i found something possibly interesting......


Two classes per week is not the end of the world. I'd rather have two i really like than three, one of them being hardly better than practicing alone at home...... That's just me, though --

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Oh dear, Kini, that is a problem. Could you have a chat with your new teacher after class, and say thank you, and also maybe ask a question or two about something he set in class, and as the conversation develops, mention to him that you're keen to learn, and that you don't mind corrections and comments, verbal or hands on corrections.


A discreet word to the studio owner might be in order but only after talking to the teacher, maybe?


But I've seen/heard some adult ballet students respond quite badly to corrections, verbal or hands on. Not straight to the teacher, but after or on-line. If they're inexperienced they don't realise that corrections are good! Corrections are GREAT :clapping: but if they are inexperienced they think corrections are like being the "bad" pupil back at school.


It's got to the point where, at one class I do when I'm in London with a wonderful teacher, Hannah Frost, announces at the start of her Beginners' class (which is a very tough work out on the basics!) that she will be correcting and she will be touching us. I think Hurrah! Proper teaching, but some people find it intimidating or "disrespectful". Go figure ...


So it could be that your new teacher has had bad experiences in this way. Maybe a chat to him?

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Hi Kini,


It sounds as if he has not had much prior experience of teaching adults and doesn't really know much about their expectations.


Why don't you just have a chat to him after class? (If the worst happens & he reacts badly, you needn't ever have to go back and see him again afterwards....!)


He must be wondering why the numbers have dropped and may welcome the feedback. (Alternatively he may hate teaching adults and this may be part of a cunning plan to undermine the class so that it gets cancelled due to low numbers & he wouldn't have to teach it any more! In which case a word to the Director would definitely be in order!)

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Turns out he disliked teaching adults as 'It was a waste of his time as adults will never progress and can not be serious students". He has since left for greener pastures.

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Sounds like good riddance to me. I hope you get an amazing new teacher! My adult class similarly had a teacher last year that didn't give a single correction and went to sit down between giving combinations. He was a substitute teacher for just the one class. I suspect that he wasn't experienced in teaching adult classes and wasn't sure whether corrections would be welcome. At least I'm hoping so.

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what !?! Seriously !?! He hasn't seen really motivated adult ! We're never going to be professionnal but that doesn't forbid us to be motivated to progress !

I hope you'll have a better teacher now (crossing finger for you)

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Thanks all. It was a poor fit all around. I have three other classes at this studio and the instructors know and encourage the fact that the adults are every bit as serious as the teens and want to be treated the same...and they do. :grinning:

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