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Nutcracker updates and casting?


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Auditions going on even as I write (I'm the studio office manager so I'm here). My dd has never expressed a desire for specific roles other than Arabian which she was in last year. So earlier today she came out of the studio for a drink and said - their auditioning for the maids. I really don't want to be a maid again (she was the main maid last year because she's tall and can act, kind of a comedic role). then she said, bless her little heart, "I really want to be Clara". . A role she has never, and will never have - just because of her height. I never thought it was something she pined for. At lease this year she doesn't have to be Mother Ginger and quick change to Flowers!

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This is my first year of experiencing the magic of "Nutcracker" - I'm sure I will find out sooner or later - but what is the magic of it? Just curious.

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after 91/2 years, my daughter transferred from her large, residential pre-pro (non resident and and a long time coming) to a much smaller non-residential studio. This was her first time auditioning with this school so we didn't know what to expect. Some of the girls very unkindly told her not to expect any leads because specific girls get them. The school has been open for 11 years and this is their 6th Nutcracker. The leads are expanding as the dancers move up in levels and experience. She just found out she received Dew Drop and is so happy. She rehabbed an injury all spring and worked so hard at her SI and was thrilled to recognized for this role. The girl who she is splitting casting with (and who had the entire role last year) told the rest of their level that she did not want to share the role with daughter and is trying to rally the other girls to also being indignant and upset. It took a bit of the excitement out of the role, but we spoke with our daughter and and said how proud we were that she had worked so hard for the past 6 months and that the AD obviously thought she deserved the role. We will see how it all plays out during rehearsals.

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boydancermom, I think the "magic" of it has to do with a couple of things - one being that it's a holiday tradition around what many consider a magical and special holiday - Christmas. Another part of it is that it's usually an annual show, and it's fun to watch the roles shift each year as the dancers grow and develop.


Having said that, I must admit that I read this thread with some envy - DD, now a college freshman, has never even auditioned for a Nutcracker. We like to joke that by the time she's finally in one, she be the only dancer that's not sick of it!

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In the words of my DD (14) who has done one regional amateur Nut and two seasons with a professional company "What magic?!?!" LOL She has missed family events, parties, sleep and for her seen a dip in her grades, not doing a Nut is magic! Don't get me wrong, she LOVES performing, but between the politics of "who gets what role" and the hyper focus of other dance parents on those roles, she's done!


Having said that, we try to go see a live performance every Christmas, and failing that, Battle of the Nutcrackers on Ovation!


Good luck to everyone participating!

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DD (14) can't wait for Nut season to begin. She starts listening to Tchaikovsky every night as soon as she knows her role. Magic is the perfect word for what happens in DD's heart and mind this time of year... she loves Every. Single. Minute.

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My DD is much like logollady's DD....she loves Nut, loves playing Tchaikovsky, loves the season, loves rehearsals, loves tech week, loves extended time with her friends, loves the gift exchange they do at the end....love love loves every minute of it. It is magical because while it is always the same, same music, choreo, scenes...it is magical to move through the roles and experience them all...or at least many of them!


Friends had started putting into my DD's head that she would get Clara, casting came in this morning and she did not. She did get some very nice roles, 3 small-corps pieces and Arabian. She was quite upset for about an hour and has moved on. No matter how we try to steel out hearts, casting can still crush them!


Onward and upward! :flowers:

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Noodles - so sorry that your daughter was disappointed. From what I have read, the casting is the thing that is "not so magical" about Nutcracker but so glad that she moved on quickly. Our son's rehearsal starts next weekend - looking forward to it. And thanks to everyone for explaining what's so special about the Nutcracker. Our son had to made a tough decision between the Nutcracker and his home studio's holiday production and he chose the Nutcracker which caused much angst and drama so I'm hoping that it was a good decision.

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Tutumama, those other dancers will eventually come around. Meanwhile, congrats to your daughter! Dewdrop is my favorite Nut role, no matter whose production.

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Thank you Vagansmom! I'd like to think the girls will come around, but it's been since February. I just received an email from AD. She's heard what is going on and is going to talk to my daughter on Tuesday and then talk to the girl in question. I'm pleasantly surprised that she is taking control of this so quickly. I'd heard that she had zero tolerance for these behaviors, but my daughter hadn't wanted to involve her, thinking she would look like a crybaby (this type of think was overlooked at the other school) Maybe there is a chance this can turn around. At the very least, I'd like my daughter to feel she can dance full out without being accused of showing off by this girl. I love Dew Drop, too.

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After two years in college, DD is doing Nutcracker again with the college program. No casting decisions have been made yet as the dancers are learning multiple roles at this time. I'm excited to go see her dance in Nutcracker again and to see a different version after 9 years with the same company.

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Update on oldest DD - it just goes to show that even if you think castings are final, sometimes "stuff" happens. Yesterday DD was contacted and asked if it would be okay to switch her from her Chinese role to Merliton, keeping her doll role as well. DD said yes because Merliton has been her dream pointe role for 3 years now. Don't know why the shuffle but DD is happy as happy can be.

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Casting is out. Dd is over the moon to be Dew Drop for her final Nut in a student company. She has some other nice roles as well, but this is the icing on the cake.


Dd noted that for her level (which had a huge influx of students this fall), casting was rather equitable. Very nice!

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Seems "new nutcracker" is the theme for this year. Us too, new Nutcracker at a new studio. A partial list came out last week, and DD wasn't on it at all. This is a good thing, because the more advanced roles will be announced this week. She is not expecting too much, because she is new, and she doesn't have as much experience as most of the other girls at this studio. But over all we are excited because we know she will do more this year than in previous years, just because the AD makes such an effort to give each dancer multiple roles. (I bought the DVD of last year's show so that she could try to learn some of it!)


The new Nutcracker occurs Thanksgiving weekend. So after 14 years elsewhere, I have a free December, I don't know how I will handle it! My non dancing friends have stopped inviting me to Christmas parties because I could never come.


My older DD got to dance a lot of great roles as she grew up at our old studio. Clara, Chinese, Russian, Sugar Plum. But she never got to be the Snow Queen and she never danced Dew Drop, which she dreamed of. Now a dance major, she is teaching at a school that will do a Nutcracker of sorts. Its different than anything I have heard about. She will play their Maria, but in this production, Maria dances the Dew Drop fairy part. And Maria dances a duet with the Snow Queen. And she will also dance Spanish in the other cast. So, when we thought last year was the "final nutcracker," it is not! And its fun that the roles she never danced as a student, she will get to dance this year. The nice part about your child being the guest artist is -NO MOM WORK :D I'm not expected to help out at all. I will buy a ticket, and sit and watch!

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