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Nutcracker updates and casting?


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Update: our son . . . . I saw him rehearsing the part that the AD [...] created original choreography for, and I nearly cried. It was absolutely beautiful! I'm not that familiar with the Nutcracker but it's to that emotionally stirring, romantic, slow music leading into the Snow scene. He said that he is portraying a dream-like state of Nephew and he loves it! He also is very happy with the dancing parts for Fritz (we weren't sure if Fritz would dance much - but he is happy that he will be dancing). Very excited for our first Nutcracker season! I'm going to have to bring a box of tissues to the actual performance.

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Well we have a bit of a bigger cast this year. And we're doing things a bit different this year. DD is a maid (which she was last year - the maid sippin' champaign) but this year she'll be a maid dancing en pointe with two other maids. Spanish duet - funny, she often gets cast in the latin dance (esmarelda, spanish) and she is about as blonde and fair as they come! She's a lead snowflake and flower. she won't have to be Mother Ginger this year (yay!)


And, my husband who was in party scene last year will be joined by me this year (boss said I had to ) so, that will be the most dressed up we have ever been!

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Congrats to everyone in their roles!


I just wanted to add that DD, who went on pointe in June, was thrilled to find out tonight at rehearsal that one of her roles will be on pointe! She is over the moon!

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Congratulations Lady Elle and Learningdance!!! And Noodles too-- how exciting to be cast in a pointe role already! :clapping:

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DD(14) was cast for Waltz of the Flower and Spanish. All new to her, but she is a little disappointed in not getting Snow.

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DD (13) is very excited to be Clara in two of four shows at our studio this year! She will be lead Mirliton and Snow Corps in the other two shows.


Congratulations to all on their roles. I have a love/hate relationship with Nutcracker, I'm so happy to hear the music and see the casting in September, but completely sick of it by show time. I'm sure that you all understand!

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I completely understand . . . we have 39 shows, plus 3 dress rehearsals (dd will perform in 1/2 of those)-- I absolutely love to see it the first few times, but after that-- well, I'm sort of done for the year (unless there is a company member performing a new role I want to see). :)


We do have a new production this year, so it may take more than the first few performances to tire of it.

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Casting is pretty much decided at our studio. My dd, 17, is very happy with her roles. Others are not so thrilled. Our casting has changed from seniority based to the preference of the associate AD, so that is difficult to swallow for many. Regardless, my dd is happy and I hope she enjoys her last Nutcracker season!

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Our studio has most of the casting done, but I am sure there will be some changes. There always are. However, at this point DD is doing only Chinese corps (one of four who support the Company dancer who does the lead role) in one of four casts. I am actually happy that she is in so few shows and can miss all the rehearsals for the First Act, but she is a little bummed. I am trying to help her focus on the fact that for the first time in years, she will have Saturday afternoons free. She can get outdoors and enjoy the fall weather, or, if she just has to dance, can take some open classes in styles she wants to explore. Wish me luck!

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As I said before, DD just moved studios. At the old studio, it was so large, she had never done any corps role, except for Spanish, which only involved standing in one place. Also it was so large, each dancer usually only got 2-3 parts, despite there being 16 shows.


This year, at the new school, she will be in the party scene as a dancing toy. She is in Snow. For Act 2 she will be Chinese, Marzipan, and Lead Flower. Chinese is a trio. Marzipan has a lead pas, and two dancers on each side, she is one of those two dancers. And then in Waltz, she is a lead flower, but of course the Dew Drop Fairy is the real lead of that dance.


Since she is new to the studio, and has less performing experience than the other girls in the company; this is actually more than she expected to get to do! She will dance in both acts, for every show. She hopes to make a good impression on the AD, so that she can be trusted with more responsibility in the future.

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That is very exciting, trythis!


Congratulations to all the lucky dancers who get to perform this season! :clapping:


And good luck to all the parents who get to drive to rehearsals and performances! :dizzy:

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