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I am 16 years old and a sophomore in high school and decided to take dance more seriously ( I started dancing at 15). I want to be an entertainer so while I would like to know contemporary style, hip hop is also needed. I was told on another site that having 15 hours of ballet and modern would help me any style of dance (is this true?) but some say modern dance is not connected to hip hop. Should I add jazz instead or add jazz along with modern and ballet, or with strong ballet technique jazz should be easy to pick up?

This year though I cannot take jazz or modern because of time conflicts, so how many hours of ballet should I take each week till the summer where I can do jazz and modern. Also since I'm in high school I'm forced to go to college so I feel rushed because I won't have a lot of time to get better it seems with how much time college takes.

- side question- with money constraints, are they any ways people like me who have to pay for classes figured out how to have multiple classes and a job? Thanks

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, worldgirl123. I apologize for the delay in answering your post, but I have a feeling that is because all of us (the Teacher Moderators) are having a bit of difficulty figuring out how to answer it! But I will give it a try. :)


First, yes, ballet will help most other forms of dance. But one cannot just state to a beginner that they have to have 15 hours a week of ballet, or modern, or anything else. One has to start at the beginning, and there are not usually that many hours of classes for beginners in any one school. You might be able to come up with a lot of hours by taking 2 or 3 ballet technique classes and modern or contemporary classes, plus jazz and hip hop if they are available. Do keep in mind, however, that while a lot of training hours are needed, the quality of the training is absolutely essential. The first thing you have to do is find a really good school!


Strong ballet technique takes years to develop, but becoming a strong dancer in any form will take years. None of them are "easy". (Hip hop is not essential, but it is fun and popular.) So, we cannot tell you how many hours you 'should' take each week, That will need to depend on the school, the recommendations of qualified teachers, and your ability to take what is recommended. Since you are 16 and still in school, I think it will be extremely difficult for you to try to obtain the training necessary to become a professional while in school through college and also having a job.


Since you are 16, I am going to recommend that you also read the Adult Ballet Students forum, as there is a ton of information there which is more related to beginning students than you will find here on the YD forum.

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