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Confused about developing performance skills

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Well said mama2dancer! I know my girls say it's so much easier dancing in front of 3000 on stage, than for the 20 or so parents on watch day!

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I'm sure to some the classroom can be more intimidating than on stage. However, this is an internal issue the dancer must work through.. It's important to remember that there a point in the SI journey as the dancer ages but definitely in college and company auditions, that ability to "dance" may be the difference in selection and non-selections. And then of course, in college and company auditions, you actually take class and this is how you are then selected. Some companies will include a day of rep, but not many. So class is where the dancer must show their worth.

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That is a good point. DD has said before that she doesn't want to be obnoxious in class, and I wonder if that is part of why she holds back. She doesn't want to annoy her friends or come across as pushy. I guess that she will have to figure this out for herself. I am thankful that she is still young and has time to work on it, and that she trusts her teachers enough to try.


Momof3darlings, thank you for the links. I am reading through them right now!

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My daughter told me something similar to what mama2dancer has said. In her case, dancing expressively in class wasn't an issue, but she had a technical problem that she had to work very hard on. Years after she graduated ballet school and became a professional dancer, she started attending an open ballet class in her city regularly. She said it was very freeing and that she was making the most progress she'd ever made in conquering that technical problem.


When I asked what was so different (especially because there were no corrections offered in this class - she said that as a ballet student, she had always felt that every class was a kind of audition. She was afraid to try certain things, to let go of thinking about certain things while she concentrated on that one flaw. She said that the couple times she did, the teacher corrected her for "forgetting" something else and that she was too shy to explain what she was doing. But in this open class, she felt free to just work on that. No one, teacher or classmates, was watching her specifically. She made vast improvement because of it. The anonymity freed her.


I have two suggestions: maybe someone could use a cell phone to videotape your daughter in class, perhaps at the end of the day after class are done, or even at home. I do this with certain dancers in Irish dance class so that they could see how their dancing presents to others. They're usually shocked and comment that they looked completely different from how they felt while dancing. Often, once they see themselves, they're pretty good at changing it.


My other suggestion would be to take a few acting classes. I know what busy schedules dancers often have, but perhaps there's someone in your area who can help your daughter work specifically on expressiveness.

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Lady Elle - I absolutely love that!

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