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Just curious if anyone received a call or had information on responses from the June 12th audition. My daughter attended, and was told notification would come by July 9th. Someone else who attended said calls would be made this week. Does anyone have any more info? Thanks.

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3girls was asking about the June 12th audition for this fall's semester of ABT's ballet school in NYC. This school only started in the beginning of this past year. It's very, very new, very small and it's also very expensive, as well.

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I auditioned as well. I also want to know the result. Im dying to get in!!!

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I heard they were going to look at all the dancers in the summer program. Today is the first day, so maybe they will be making calls pretty soon. Has anyone tried to call them and ask for the results?

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I emailed them to ask if all spots were filled, and I have not received a reply. Maybe email and ask if everyone has been contacted or when they will contact?

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Ms. Siegel was emailed back when this thread was started and has not responded. I'm sure she has been consumed by all that is going on with ABT'S NY summer. I guess it's just a matter of waiting it out. Good luck to all interested.

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Just a guess, but I can imagine that they are waiting until their SIs are completed before they make their final decisions regarding their auditions. At the moment they have a sea of potential in their hands, many of whom are not local and could not have made the audition, but may be willing to relocate for an opportunity. Just a wild guess, from experieince! :thumbsup:

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ABT administration, especially when it comes to school issues, has historically been very slow and unresponsive. It's one of the reasons why they haven't had a regular school for such a long time.

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