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ABT Jackie Onassis School

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At the same time I would add that the JFK school run by ABT is training the dancers to compete for top Company spots.Time will make a strong statement.The school is still new and will be a reflection of things to come.

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Many ballet companies "promote from within" and maintain their schools to supply entry level dancers for their companies, trained in the style that best reflects the repertoire and image of that company. I am sure that many fine dancers will emerge from the JFK school, but the school does not pretend to be in the business of training either studio compay dancers, or ABT dancers. If one has a goal of dancing at ABT, they need to be aware of this fact.

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If one has a goal of dancing anywhere, they need to be aware of the fact they may or maynot get into their school company. I would think this would be true of any school. It would the percentage of dancers emerging from the school into their company, if any I would be looking at. Or even if they are hire elsewhere.

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Does anyone believe that it would be detrimental to audition for JKO after the open audition in April? Does anyone have any experience with setting up appointments at the school? Thanks.

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We just received the new brochure for JKO School at ABT in the mail. As regards the audition, it states "..to arrange a private audition for the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School, please contact Molly Schnyder, Training Programs Manager, at mschynder@abt.org..." It also goes on to state that in the event your are not able to audition in person, you may apply by video application. Also, students attending the ABT New York summer intensive may audition during the course of the program.

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Some of the girls at one of my daughter's studios have also received this brochure. A number of parents have tried to figure out how the mailing list was compiled. Also being questioned is a possible expansion of the school since it seems a mass mailing concerning the audition has been made.

My daughter will be attending ABT NY this summer, we have not received this mailing. Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether she should audition in April or wait for them to see her for the 6 weeks this summer. From what others have told me as well as my gut feeling, I do not think she will audition prior to the summer intensive.

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I am sure that they just sent brochures to everyone that previously attended ABT Summer Intensives. My daughter just received a brochure in the mail and she attended ABT, NY last summer. I know that during the Summer Intensive they selected some of the students from ABT, NY for the JKO school. I don't think it is necessary to do the audition in April if your daughter is going to the Summer Intensive.

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I received a brochure and have never attended an ABT summer intensive. I was accepted last year into New York w/ a very generous scholarship, but opted not to go. Perhaps they send brochures out to those who went/were accepted into New York?

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Just wanted to add that my DK also received the brochure, but her only experience with ABT is that she was accepted to ABT - OC (and not NY) last year, and did not attend. Go figure!

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My DD also received this brochure and only auditioned last year. We did not even audition this season, however, we do live in NJ and I thought that may anyone who lived in the area and has previously auditioned received the brochure.


Not sure if we are going. It would be a great opportunity but I don't think we could commute every day.

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DD also got one, didn't audition this year, never attended and we don't live anywhere near the area. I have a feeling that if you auditioned for an ABT program in the past couple of years, you are on their mailing list.

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Get this: Dd has NOT received the brochure. She attended ABT OC last year and was invited to ABT NY w/scholarship this year. Go figure. Maybe they're sending to older dancers? She's 14 next month.

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