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Regarding the earlier question about acceptances for older students, I know of one dancer accepted to JKO for this fall who will be a senior. :thumbsup:

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This is a little off topic, but while had the time to wait for my kids in ballet class yesterday, I picked up the August copy of Vogue to read (haven't done that in years!) There is an article on Rachel Moore and a lovely picture of her with some JKO students. :unsure:

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Guest CiNCiNNATiBALLETdancer

One of my friends was accepted to this school. However, she chose SAB since she was invited to go year round after attending the summer program. She turned 15 a few weeks ago.

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Guest cuppatea

Thanks everyone for your responses and support!

....to make a long story short, in July DK was told the reply should be soon. A nice note/email and letter was sent in early August. DK did not get in but was delighted by the really nice note.Congratulations to all the students accepted this year!

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After all my dd went through in the summer, on the last day at their performance, Mr. Devita told me he really liked her but could only accept 15 students. He asked me to call him in September to see if a place would open up for her then. To make a long story short she was accepted and is deliriously happy to be attending. She is in the intermediate level and will be 15 in two weeks. She is still having physical therapy for her ankle injury and is not doing jumps or pointe yet. My 11 year old son got accepted the same week to SAB and is also deliriously happy, especially since he was moved up to the next higher level yesterday. So now I am a 6 day a week commuter driving across Manhattan from school to school and have little time to even check my email. I am still trying to figure out the logistics and what to do in baby unfriendly waiting areas with my one year old.


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dluna, congratulations to both of your children and many kudos to you for the tremendous task you are faced with of getting them to and from 2 different schools in Manhattan, with a one year old! :o I'm tired just thinking about it. :sweating:


We look forward to hearing about your son's and daughter's experiences at their new schools and hope that you and baby find some way to make the waiting and the commute more palatable each day! :wub:

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Hi, I am all the way from New Zealand and really want 2 audition for the JKO school will it give me a lesser chance if I audition by video? Also how many are accepted every year?


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lv2dance, check post #221 above. I think you will find the answer to your question there.


underthesea, I'm not sure that anyone can answer your question with any certainty. This is a new school, with only a couple of auditions under its belt. It is really too early to make predictions about their acceptance practices. There are pros to attending ABT NY, such as the opportunity for the AD to see and work with you over a 6 week period, rather than in a one hour session with 100 other hopefuls. But, at this time, there are quite a few who have been accepted to the school from one audition class alone.

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Coming from your distance, maybe send a video, inquiry about coming for the summer, or if they are semi interest request a audition in person class. Or if you are visiting New York anyway, by all means request a class. But in terms of money and distance you are coming, I consider a video. My opinion only. Also you can email the school, and start a dialogue, ask for a ball park of openings.

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Thanks heaps for that! I'll just have to give it a go and see what happens! I know that there is a very slim chance them taking foreigners as the school is so small but I need to get out of NZ there is nothing here, job wise. I'm just goin to have to be really really good!!

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Hi I was wondering if boarding was available because i want to audition but i would have to take a three hour plane ride everyday and I don't have the time or the money for that!!

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