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Does this school take postgrads?

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Does anyone know about how long it takes for them to get back to you about whether or not you get in after an audition?

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Did anyone go to the NYC audition yesterday 3/28 for the year long program. If so...how was it? Were there alot of dancers auditioning? My 12 yr old DD was going to try but then she decided to wait until next time/next year to audition. Where there many young girls?



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I went to the audition yesterday, in the 12-14 audition there were only 17 girls! It was fantastic that it was small. I love small auditions, and the class was a pretty good class too. One of the five judges was Kevin Mackenzie! I was so excited. :shrug: I am not sure how many were in the older audtion, but it looked like there was going to more like around 30. I thought the audition was going to be packed like ABT's summer intensive audition, but maybe a lot of people could not do the audition because it was on a weekday. :shrug:

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Wow...when I tell my daughter that there weren't as many auditioners as we both thought there would be she will be surprised. If she had known she probably would have went. Oh well...maybe next time.

Goodluck Balletdancer4eva! We hope you get in!

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I have recently been trying to gather information on the JKO school for the future! I know a girl who attended here and is now dancing with ABT Studio Company. I have heard good and bad things about this school, which is true for any school. But if you have danced here, or you are dancing here, or you know any more information on this school please let me know. :shrug:

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Good luck.


The school is that new that it has almost no permanent record, and certainly no traditions.

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Thanks Mr. Johnson. I guess that would answer the question as to why there is not much information on it! But please, anyone post if they know anything! thanks

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Does anyone know if they are ever going to turn it into a residency program?

I'm dying to go or at least audition but my family doesn't have enough money to move up to NY.

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ABT3, there are actually 13 pages of posts in this thread about the JKO school! Be sure you read through all of them and I think that many of your questions will be answered. Do remember however that there are only 3 levels at the school and only 15-20 in each level. So, there are at tops only 60 students who attend this school. This is much smaller than most schools and with only a couple of years under their belt, there are very few alumni either. Therefore, there are not yet as many first hand experiences about the school as there are about schools that are much larger and older. :shrug:

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Dear Newbie Dad,


Judging by the dk's I know, including my own, who have been accepted by the school, what JKO (or at least Franco DeVita) favors is what most pre-professional ballet programs like: nice conformation for a dancer: preferably longish legs, pretty feet, slender. Of course, high degree of musicality, and good expressiveness. Clean (or at the very least not undoable) technique up to the level so far attained. No tasteless showiness, but good extension, turns and jumps always welcome. Overall potential to become a professional dancer. Neat, attractive appearance. Simplicity in dress, classic attire (no lace, halters, extra straps, dual colored leos, jewelry beyond simple earrings). Openness of attitude, intelligence, quiet attentiveness in class, willingness to work hard, and eagerness to attend the school. A very bit cynically I might add: all other things being equal, no objection to the family being able to give the school a little financial help.


Good Luck to your DD!


mcrm55 :angry:

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DD attended audition for 2008-2009 year last night in the 15-18 year old group. I did not attend but DD said about 25 in audition - maybe 4 boys. She found the audition challenging. She had an off night - but that's how it goes.

Any other feedback from attendees.

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If you could not attend the audition, I believe you can also call Mr. DeVita directly and arrange to take class/audition. My daughter did that several years ago ...she took a technique class, was very excited to be asked to then stay for a pointe class.


Mr. DeVita was very nice - he took us both aside immediately afterwards and first gave my daughter a lot of positive feedback. Then he explained what was weak and why she wasn't accepted. It was very painful, but I felt that he was extremely considerate and respectful of her feelings.


Good luck to everyone who auditioned!!

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