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I think you should also keep in mind that some merit scholarships were given this year, and from the latest release, will be offered again for next year. :party:

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No sorry if I give the wrong impression, she has scholarship with Ballet Hispanico, I was just referring to other $$ amount for big name school in NY, I believe SAB is little less.

She is considering another Ballet Program, and taking into consideration cost of different programs. I did'nt mean to start a debut that ABT was expense, even though $5000 may be out of my league. There is another forum now cost of tuition.

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Well, for those hours at ABT it appears to be a "steal" compared to their new young dancer program at the Grennwich YMCA, where, if your are five and take one forty-five min class a week for about 34 weeks its $1500 and goes up to age 10, when you get two classes a week for $2200, all paid up front and nonrefundable. I am sure BW will provide a link the the discussions we had over this!!

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Sounds like you are doing your homework re: dance programs in New York City! I would just make sure you are comparing apples to apples :( for instance, SAB's tuition is geared towards certain levels (right?) - how many hours/day, per/week, etc is spent actually dancing, & what are the classes, etc. for the amount of money spent. At this point, JKO School has one level, altho there are varying ages in that level, but I know they do at least 3 hrs/ day of technique/ pointe, partnering, etc. As has been pointed out in an earlier post, Saturdays are basically 11:30-5:00 or so, with Pilates added. There are now rehearsals added to the schedule, so they are dancing longer certain days of the week. They had some time off at Christmas, & just had 1 week off for Spring break. Other than that, they have been in school since beginning of Sept. & don't finish until June 4. I don't know what schedule(s) SAB has, you would need to compare all that.

We have been fortunate in that DD had received a partial scholarship to JKO school, as well as being named an ABT Training Scholar - that has helped immensely with costs! My advice, if your daughter is interested in JKO school, is to audition & hope for scholarship - you never know until you try!

Good luck! :shrug:

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I know your daughter (I'm from ABT too)! (I'm the girl moving in this summer!) sorry - just thought I would let you know... and say HI!

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I thought that was you! We'll be seeing you this summer, as well as (maybe!) during the performances April 20-21 & June 3 (or 4) - I'm glad you two found each other! And you have been a source of information on this topic, for which I (& maybe some other moms) have been grateful!

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how many students should one expect to see at the audition? does anyone know if it is done all on flat and then pointe work at the end or all pointe?! also, i know it says around 20 in the program but for the students in the program now how many are there appromiately more or less? thanks for you help! :D

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If my daughter is going to the ABT Summer Intensive in New York City, should she go to the audition on 15 April for the Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis School or do they also choose gilrs from the Summer Intensive? Does she stand a better chance of getting in if she shows that she would like to be considered(by going to the audidion on the 15th)?

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They do take dancers from the intensive but if you live close and she can show her interest by going to the audition why not do both? :D

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I would contact Siena Siegel at ABT re: the best procedure to follow. Ask if audition 4/15 is necessary if coming to summer intensive.


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Does ABT assist the out of town students in any way with finding housing? I know they have a list of possible places for the NYC SI students, but I was wondering if they offer any additional assistance or suggestions to these year-round students? :)

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