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My daughter attended the audition. Approximately 48 students attended, 9 of which were boys. The age range that attended was 12-17? They auditioned as 1 big group. Some barre, mostly center work. Boys were excused first. Girls put on pointe shoes for 1 combination. Ethan Brown taught the class.

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One of my friends just recently competed in the YAGP Finals in NYC and she was awarded a full scholarship to attend ABT's Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School next year. So if any of you get accepted you might be in her class. Good luck to everyone who auditioned!!! :jump:

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I checked with my source today who is very close to the situation and funding the program. There is no timeframe for notification because ABT and Kevin McKenzie are not even sure they will add a lower level to their program. They're still weighing this option. Also, they may be waiting to see the talent pool during the summer intensive before they select, if they decide to go with this plan. So, you, my daughter and 46 other students may not hear anything for awhile. I wish I were posting better news. Hang in there! Good things come to those who wait!

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DD hasn't heard anything yet either. You may not hear anything until the SI program finishes. If we get any information from "our sources" I will post it for you. :grinning:

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I also got my letter today and i was wait listed ...good luck :pinch:


2thepointe, thanks for all the info i really appreciated it!

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