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Congratulations to you all. From hearing how selective the program, just to be considered is an honor so keep up the good work!

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My daughter (17) was waitlisted--she's very excited about the honor (even if she doesn't get in)!

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I think it's great to be considered for such a prestigious school! My DD has a friend at the school and she just loves it! Good luck to all of you!

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Dd's 13 year-old friend got a phone call today and was told that she was accepted to the school. There is still a very small chance that they aren't going to add the younger level but at this point they are thinking it is going to happen. Good luck to everyone!

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DS received an acceptance call. The program for the younger group consists of classes monday through friday, not on saturday. The classes will be held from 5:30 to 7 or 7:30, depending on the day.



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Congratulations to your son! What is the age group range for the younger group? That time would have been great for us compare to 2:30-5:30.

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just curious ... but since the program starts so early (for the people who are in the school) ... are you home schooled .. or do you go to a regular school in the city?

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Some people are home-schooled and some of us are not. Some, including myself, had schedules made with our school so that we go to school in the morning and leave early enough for us to make it to class. I go to school from 7:25 to 11:40 and then take the train into the city (I live in NJ). The people who homeschool are mostly the kids who came from states further away (California, Vermont, New Mexico...) most of the kids who live in the tri-state area attend a school.

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I have been hearing rumors of ABT extending its program downward int o the 12 year old age group. Do any of you ABT kids know anything about this? Are they going to do it and if so, will they audition, or just cull from the summer school students?

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Scroll back a few pages and you'll see that they've been discussing this. 2thepointe has been very helpful. They've already had auditions, and from what has been posted here there has not been a decision about the lower levels - but there may well be more to the story. I'd say you will need to go back to at least page 3.


I'd contact the school directly to be sure. :)

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