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I see a post from last spring telling readers who the teachers are but I was hoping that someone at the school this year can tell us again, but with a little more information (and also if there are new teachers this year?)


So, who teaches at this school? What classes do they teach? (For example, who teaches pointe?) Who is choreographing for their performances?


Also, how many are in the class(es) this year as compared to last year?


Thank you.

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I was watching our local NBC station (in South Carolina) and they were talking about the holiday windows in NYC. They showed the dancers very briefly, and they never said JKO School, they said ABT, so naturally a lot of people called me and asked if that was my son, and I said no, so I started wondering who it was.



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I was reading the website for the JKO School recently and was struck by the fact that they list where their alumni are dancing and the company strangely absent from the list is ABT. :o


I realize that this is a new school and the list of alumni is not long, but there are at least six companies listed and it seems odd that ABT would not hire at least one of their first grads into the company or Studio company, if this was indeed to be a feeder school for the company.

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Balletbooster... I do know that 2 of the present Studio Company dancers had gone to the ABT Studio Company Associate Program (JKO)...Nicole Graniero and Erik Tamm. Though I don't know if they were considered graduates or exactly how long they were there before they entered Studio.

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And remind me, how long has this school been in existence?


Not to take anything away from the school, but as with many schools, one must look at the dancer's complete training to see where they studied for how long, etc., to get the "big picture". That said, we all know that having good connections and being in the right place at the right time mixed with talent as a dancer, etc., all come into play when it's time to find a job. :o

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