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At-home studio?


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My house is two levels, and my parents only ever use the top level(its where their bedroom/bath is, dining room, kitchen, front door, living room, another bath etc) and the bottom level is where I live(my bedroom, guest bedroomw bath, closet, another bath, storage room, 2nd living room, laundry room) and since we never found use for the living room, my parents decided to re decorate one wall with a mirror that goes from the floor to the ceiling, and a barre. We have a type of granite-tile flooring downstairs, and I was wondering what I would have to do for the flooring, since I know that tile would be too cold for my feet. What could I do for the flooring? I could possibly measure how far my leg goes out to the side tendu, and make it a bit wider than that, and make it as long as the mirror is, but even then I'm not sure how this would play out.

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Alexis, the best thing would be a piece of "Marley", which is the type of linoleum floor covering used in studios and on stages for ballet. Look in any dance magazine and you will see ads for dance floors. Check out Harlequin floors and Stage Step. I'm not sure if you have access to Dance Magazine or Pointe Magazine, or if you can find this flooring in your country. What type of floor does your studio have? I think you should ask your teacher about what is available there, or check with a ballet company for information.


Ballet floors are "sprung" floors, meaning wood floors which are raised over a cement or tile floor, and then usually covered with Marley. If you use just the marley covering on a granite floor, you would be limited to only barre work and stretching. It is not safe to relevé and jump on a floor that is not raised.

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