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MDM Shoes

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Anybody heard of or used MDM shoes? We have been asked to buy them for next year. Just interested to hear if anyone else has experience with them.

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DS 9 has been wearing MDM shoes for the last 3 years.  DS has high arches and we made the switch to help correct the problem he had with his feet rolling inward when standing. 

They are more expensive than other ballet flats but I do believe they are useful in preventing foot problems and with rehabilitation.  The MDM website mentions that David Hallberg used them as part of his rehabilitation from an ankle injury and operation. 

See https://mdmdance.squarespace.com/david-hallberg/

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I am going to sound so stupid, but I am not a dancer and trying to learn this for my dancing son.  I keep calling them ballet slippers. Should I say ballet flats? Or is this something different?  My son is 8, and wears black leather or canvas ...um slippers or flats...with 1 strap across the top.  

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Clara 76

Honestly, you can call them flats, shoes, or slippers.

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